Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology: VR/AR, etc. are expected to become new hotspots

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on September 20, Beijing time, Huai Jinpeng, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Department, gave a special lecture for provincial and ministerial cadres to "strengthen the development of manufacturing and Internet integration". According to the statement, VR/AR, blockchain, etc., may become new industrial hotspots following the mobile Internet.

Huai Jinpeng said that artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, virtual reality, etc. are being widely concerned by society, and the deep integration of key production links such as design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance has spawned various types of production and management. Smart applications will set off a new wave of industrial development. The wave of artificial intelligence development has spurred global attention and caused widespread concern. Big data is large in scale, rapid in change, heterogeneous in variety, and low in value density. Big data processing changes economic and social patterns and will affect the development of computational theory, implicating significant originality. Breakthrough opportunities; cloud computing has become the focus of global competition, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, capability and reliability; VR/AR, blockchain, etc. may become new industrial hotspots after the mobile Internet.

Huai Jinpeng pointed out that, on the whole, information technology is currently the leading force in leading a new round of change. Information technology will affect the manufacturing industry to bring in new industrial models. Perception, interconnection, and intelligence will become the main features. Information technology will promote economic and social development. Towards a new economic era.

"Huai Jinpeng Special Lecture Workshop on Deepening the Integration of Manufacturing and Internet Development" for Provincial and Ministerial Cadres

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