Automatic speech recognition chip reduces power consumption by up to 99%

Electronic enthusiasts eight o'clock: Recently, MIT (MIT) researchers have developed a low-power chip designed for automatic speech recognition. It is reported that the chips they developed can reduce the power consumption of speech recognition by up to 99%. Regardless of Apple's Siri, Google's Google Assistant, or Amazon's Alexa, smart voice assistants are becoming more popular. However, these virtual assistants all rely on voice recognition, and need to stay in the background to keep voice status at any time, which will inevitably reduce the battery life.

MIT BlackTech: New Chip Reduces Speech Recognition Power by 99%

Researchers at MIT say the voice recognition feature on mobile phones is about 1 watt, and the chips they use can reduce power to 0.2 to 10 milliwatts.

Lei understands that, in general, the chip responsible for speech recognition will always run a neural network in the background to detect all the sounds around, whether it is vocals or noise. MIT's chip adds a simple "sound detection" circuit that recognizes human voices and activates more complex speech recognition circuits once human voice is detected. This approach is like adding a coprocessor to the speech recognition chip, which greatly reduces power consumption. This means that even small electronic devices can use advanced speech recognition systems and AI assistants in the future.

Anantha Chandrakasan, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, said voice input would become a must-have feature for wearables and smart homes because they require a different way of interacting with touch or keyboard. Whether it's Siri, Google Assitant or Alexa, you want to implement voice recognition and you need to be connected to the cloud. This low-power chip will be the key to the localization of speech recognition.

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