Mill Technology introduces a development board designed for TI AM437X PRU functionality

With its powerful 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 core and other subsystems, TI's Sitara AM437x processor delivers up to 40% more system performance than previous generation Sitara processors. Its next-generation quad-core PRU-ICSS (Industrial Communication Subsystem) connectivity peripherals not only support dual-channel synchronous industrial protocols such as EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, PROFINET-RT/IRT, POWERLINK, Sercos III, IEC61850, etc. It also supports motor feedback protocols such as EnDat and interfaces such as BiSS for sensors and actuators.

Based on the TI AM437x family of processors, Mill Technology has developed a development platform for the PRU-ICSS application, the MYD-C437X-PRU development kit. The development kit consists of a core board MYC-C437X and a backplane MYB-C437X-PRU. The platform from hardware design to software support highlights the related functions and performance of PRU-ICSS, and realizes the communication technology used in various industrial automation equipment.

In terms of software, Mill provides two operating systems, the Linux 4.1 operating system and the TI SYS/BIOS real-time operating system, for customers to choose. A rich Linux PRU operation routine is provided under Linux to take advantage of the real-time performance of the PRU unit. At the same time, related industrial communication reference designs such as EtherCAT Slave are provided based on TI SYS/BIOS system. By using the MYD-C437X-PRU development kit, customers can achieve rapid development of high-performance embedded industrial control and communication products, reduce development barriers, accelerate development, optimize product quality, reduce R&D and product costs, and reduce time-to-market.

The function interface diagram of the MYD-C437X-PRU development board is shown below:

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