The Second Single Source Announcement of the Government Procurement Project of the CNKI Series Database of the CPC Gansu Provincial Party School

Under the entrustment of the Party School of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, the procurement of government procurement items of the CNKI series database of the Party School of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee of Gansu Province was purchased from a single source. Suppliers who meet the qualification requirements are welcome to attend. The Government Procurement Office of the Ministry of Finance of Gansu Province conducted a single-source public announcement on this project. No one raised any doubt after the publication of the project, and it was approved by the financial department as a single-source procurement.

1. Project Number: GJDY201701
2. Purchase content: CNKI series database government procurement project
3. Brief reasons for the implementation of single source procurement: The CNKI series database of includes: academic journal database, Bo master thesis library, conference essay library, newspaper library, reference book, and yearbook. The CNKI series database meets the needs of teaching, scientific research and think tank construction in our school and has been unanimously approved by faculty and staff. Since our school built a digital library in 2003, it has purchased CNKI's series of databases and it has reached a considerable scale after years of construction and development. Through usage statistics, CNKI series database has a large number of visits and high frequency of use. In order to ensure the continuous development of teaching, research, and think tank work in our school, we must continue to purchase these databases. Since the database is a single provider, our school applies for single source procurement.
The only supplier proposed: Tongfangzhiwang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
4. Purchase budget: 346,000
5, supplier qualification requirements:
5.1 It complies with Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law."
6. The supplier must first register in Gansu Province and obtain a digital certificate. The electronic signature can only be submitted for bidding. The bid must be downloaded online.
Purchase documents from February 17 to February 21, 2017, every day from 00:00 to 24:00

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