Can use the micro-letter landing friends cloud aurora 2.3 function upgrade

Recently, Tencent's video TV application, Aurora Aurora, has been updated in version 2.3. Upgrades and optimizations have been made in terms of login methods, V coin systems, page displays, and smart recommendations. The new version of the cloud audio and video aurora in addition to continue to provide users with rich video content, the optimized service will provide users with a more personalized intimate experience.
First of all, add WeChat account login. With the growing number of WeChat user groups and the prolonged use of daily usage, the use of WeChat has gradually exceeded QQ, especially for middle-aged user groups among family members. Wechat's use frequency and proficiency are much higher than QQ. Based on this, the new version of the cloud audio and video aurora opened a WeChat account login function based on the original mobile phone and QQ account login, just click on the "login" button on the "my" page, use a mobile phone to scan the QR code appearing on the TV. Select WeChat login on the mobile phone, and the user login process is more convenient and faster.
In addition, in the cloud audio and video aurora also supports mobile phone number registration, without the need for mobile phone scan code can be used to enter the number directly on the TV-end page with the remote control to log in, for the middle-aged and elderly users, eliminating the need for multi-screen operation Tedious.

Tencent Cloud Audio Aurora Add WeChat Login
Second, the V coin system has also added some new highlights. The old version of V-Currency can only be accumulated through QQ account login. After the new version is enabled to log in to the WeChat account, users who log in using the WeChat account can also accumulate and use V-coin at the Tencent Video PC, mobile and TV terminals, and the new version. It also added a new game of V currency lottery. The user clicks the "My V Currency" module on the "My Page", enters and clicks on the V currency lottery to enter the V Coin Draw page and rewards the Super Video VIP, smart box and one, three and one month respectively. V coins and other high winning rates.

In addition to the improvement of the functional experience, more humanized adjustments have been made to the page display. In the new version of the content details page, the original poster display section is adjusted to a small window that can automatically play the current video. The user can easily understand the video content while viewing other information on the detailed page without clicking the player, and click on the full screen to zoom in. At the same time, “Recommend for you” at the bottom of the details page is also optimized to recommend personalized videos for different users’ viewing habits and interests. For example, if you watch Rural Love 9, the system will combine the content you previously searched or viewed. , targeted for you to recommend other content that may be of interest to you.
In addition, some new members’ rights have also been added to the new version. The Super Movie VIP can watch some live broadcasts of live concerts that require separate payment.

In addition, in the 2.3.1 version that will be released at the end of this month, Cloud Aurora also brings some functional upgrades to sports fans. The sports NBA channel page will make a new revision. In addition to the existing NBA heavyweight tournaments, it will also increase Bundesliga, South American World Championships, NFL, NCAA, NHL and other more exciting and quality sports events and related games highlights, audience replays. , event information, etc. Watching points, the majority of sports fans can watch all sports events in the cloud Aurora Sports Channel without leaving home, and Tencent sports members and senior members have now achieved a four-screen sharing, PC and mobile Tencent Sports members and senior members can also use simultaneously on the TV side.

In addition, the 2.3.1 version of the cloud audio and video aurora will also include the clean-up function of Tencent's mobile phone housekeeper, effectively clearing video memory, improving the smoothness of video playback, and further enhancing the viewing experience.
The current Sansheng III Shihuali Datang Glory Village Love 9, NBA All-Star Game is in the cloud Aurora hot broadcast, you want the first time early adopters of the new version, you can log in to the Aurora official website download or through the sofa The smart TV/set-top box application market such as housekeeper downloads and installs to experience. Cloud Audio and Aurora will continue to enhance the use of experience, so that "the most understand" users, follow-up will have more new features on the line, so stay tuned.
About Cloud Audio Aurora:
Cloud Aurora Aurora is an Internet TV APP for living room smart TVs and set-top boxes launched by Guangdong Southern New Media Development Co., Ltd. and Tencent Video. It can be downloaded through the Internet TV application market such as sofa butlers. The Cloud Aurora Aurora incorporates the ultimate, fast, iterative product operation concept of the Internet, providing a richer collection of premium video content for the officers.

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