What is the outcome of the Sansheng III, with a large-screen television viewing method

Yang Mi starred in TV drama version of “Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossoms” Episode 32 of the latest story Nightlife brings Ah Li and Bai Shi together living in Qingqiu, put down the status of a noble man, and lives on the life of a mortal man weaving and weaving. Think that good things are near. What is the final result of Sanshi III Shili Peach? Was the night and white light together?

In fact, the audience familiar with the novel probably knows that the novel is finally a happy ending, and that the night and the shallow are the last to be together. Even though the route is twisted and twisted, it is also a great ending, and the TV series version of the Sansheng III is also a good restore of the novel. All kinds of plots, the general direction of the outcome should not change, be regarded as a reader's wish.

The Xuan Nv's ending is not very good, because after she was taken away by the white, she was not very satisfied with her original appearance, digging her eyes, and may finally be peeled off from the mirror.

The emperors and Bai Fengji actually had no excessive intersections in the novel "Sansheng San Shili Peach Blossoms". Bai Fengju finally decided to forget the emperor. There was not much detailed description of this, but according to netizens who revealed in "The Pillow Book", Di Jun The shadow of Bai Fengjiu was brought together, so the outcome of the two men is still a mystery. Only after all the broadcasts are revealed.

"Sanshi III Shili Peach Blossoms" is currently on the air, and users of smart TVs/TV boxes have many ways to watch Sanshi III Shili Peach.

One way to watch: Live TV can be installed on the sofa butler client to install a "TV cat" to watch live TV. "Sanshi III Shili Peach Blossom" will be broadcast live on Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV.
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Live TV screenshot of TV cat

Watch Method 2: On-demand installation of "Tencent Video TV" version through the sofa butler, you can watch "San San III Shili Peach Blossom" wonderful on-demand content.
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Sansheng III Shili Peach video screenshot


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