LED underwater light installation and precautions

LED underwater light installation and precautions

Waterscape lighting has important safety and aesthetic significance.

LED underwater lights can be divided into buried type, wall type and vertical type. LED underwater lights can be divided into buried type, wall-mounted type and vertical type. The LED underwater light has two control modes: external control and internal control. The external control does not require an external controller and can be built with multiple change modes. The external control must be configured with a controller to achieve color change. The majority of internal control methods currently used in the market are currently available.

LED underwater lights should use DC constant current power supply.
Under the control of the constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of LED wall washers, LED flood lights, LED underwater lights, and LED buried lights will decrease as the LED chip temperature increases. This is the case for LED water. The downlight does not have much effect. However, if it is a constant voltage driver, it will cause the LED underwater lamp's chip to increase continuously with increasing temperature. In severe cases, it may even burn down the LED underwater lamp.

Do a good job of anti-static measures.
LED underwater light products must adopt certain anti-static measures in the process of processing, production and installation. For example, worktables should be grounded, workers should wear anti-static clothing, anti-static rings, and anti-static gloves, etc. Install anti-static ion blower, and at the same time, ensure that the air humidity during installation is about 65%, so as to prevent the air from being too dry to generate static electricity. In addition, different quality levels of LED anti-static capacity is not the same, the quality of high-quality LED underwater lights anti-static ability to be stronger.

Pay attention to the sealing of LED products.
No matter what kind of LED lighting products, as long as they are used outdoors, they are faced with problems of moisture-proof and sealing. This is especially true for underwater LED Lights. The poor handling of sealing problems will directly affect the service life of LED underwater light products.

Be sure to pay special attention to the installation to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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