Intelligent robot cooperation system and its key technologies

In the development of robots to intelligence, multi-robot collaboration system is a kind of coverage technology integration platform. If the intelligence of a single robot is only to make the individual person smarter, then the multi-robot collaboration system not only has a group of smart people, but also requires them to cooperate effectively. Therefore, it not only reflects individual intelligence, but also reflects collective intelligence, which is an imaginary and innovative exploration of human social production activities.

The multi-robot collaboration system has a wide range of applications. It is closely related to the expansion of automation to non-manufacturing. As the application environment shifts to unstructured, multi-mobile robot systems should be able to adapt to task changes and environmental uncertainties. With a high degree of decision-making intelligence, the research on multi-mobile robot collaboration is not simply the coordination of control, but the coordination and cooperation of the whole system. Here, the organization and control of the multi-robot system largely determines the effectiveness of the system.

The multi-robot collaboration system is also a model for implementing distributed artificial intelligence. The core of distributed artificial intelligence is to divide the whole system into several intelligent and autonomous subsystems. They are physically and geographically dispersed, and can perform tasks independently. At the same time, they can exchange information and coordinate with each other to complete the overall task. This is undoubtedly attractive for the completion of large-scale and complex tasks, and has therefore received widespread attention in military, letter and other applications. The multi-machine collaboration system is the concrete realization of this concept, in which each robot can be regarded as an autonomous agent. This multi-agent robotic system MARS (Multi-Agent Robotic Systems) has become a new research hotspot in robotics. .

The multi-mobile robot system has the mobile function and can complete complex tasks in the non-structural environment. It is the most typical and application prospect in the multi-robot collaboration system, and it is also the most widely studied system. The following are the main key technologies of the intelligent robot collaboration system, represented by the multi-mobile robot system:

1. Architecture

The architecture is the logical and physical information relationship and control relationship between the robots in the system, and the distribution model of the problem solving ability. It is the basis of the cooperative behavior of multiple mobile robots. Generally, the architecture of a multi-mobile robot collaboration system is divided into two types: centralized (distributed) and distributed (distributed). The centralized architecture can be planned with a single master robot with all the information about the system's activities. The distributed architecture does not have such a robot, in which all robots are equal to control. Although the centralized architecture can achieve global optimal solutions, in fact, people prefer the distributed structure because of the uncertainty. In recent years, in the distributed architecture, in order to overcome the difficulty of modeling the environment in the actual environment of the robot, and to improve the robustness and operation ability of the multi-mobile robot cooperation system, some scholars have adopted behavior-based reactive control of physical strength. Some scholars have adopted a behavior-based reactive control architecture to establish cooperative behaviors in a reaction mode, which accelerates the response of mobile robots to the outside world and avoids complex reasoning, thereby improving the real-time performance of the system.

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