Philips releases flat-shaped LED bulbs for lighter weight

If you are tired of 40-watt or 60-watt incandescent lamps, there will be new options next month. Recently, Philips has just released its latest SlimStyle 60W LED. Its luminous color temperature is 2700K, which can bring a warm and soft white light.

The SlimStyle LED lamp delivers 800 lumens of brightness with 10.5 watts of power, and its energy efficiency upgrades are normal and the benefits are not significant.

In fact, its most eye-catching part is the shape. Unlike traditional round bulbs, the SlimStyle is flat and looks like a U-shaped horseshoe with a circle of LED lights in the arcuate portion of the bulb. The reason why the bulb is made in this shape is that it dissipates heat more easily than a conventional bulb, so that the heavier aluminum fins in the bulb can be removed, and the bulb is much lighter.

So far, Philips has not disclosed the price of SlimStyle LED lights, but the heat sinks are missing, and the cost of the light bulbs should be greatly reduced, which is much more than the money saved by your long-term power saving.

In addition, SlimStyle LED bulbs have reached or may even exceed the "Energy Star" standard and have been submitted for review. If Energy Star certifies the light bulb, then consumers who live in areas that provide energy subsidies can get extra income.

According to Slashgear, the retail price of the bulb is about US$9 (about RMB 55). If there is energy subsidy, the price should be reduced to US$3 (about RMB 18), which is very cost-effective. However, the Philips official has not confirmed the data.

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