Millet universal remote control arbitrary infrared control

With more and more remote controllers for daily appliances, home life is no longer simple. At this time, an integrated platform emerges to save human hands. Xiaomi launched universal remote control, is out of such considerations, the evolution of electronic control has been liberated. The packaging is very simple, consistent with Xiaomi's always simple style. After opening the box there is a remote control, a noodle data line, and an instruction manual. The design of the remote control itself is very simple and it is a round cake. According to the official copy, the design is circular in order to ensure 360° omnidirectional infrared emission, which can achieve no dead angle remote control for household appliances in the same space. At the bottom there is a non-slip apron, surrounded by a ring of cooling holes. At the top is a layer of black plastic stickers, the above two-dimensional code scanning can download Mi Jia APP, private stickers before use, it will reveal a bright and shiny surface, material is piano paint material. In terms of workmanship, Xiaomi consistently does not bow to quality, and can see that it is in line with the concept of “doing art as a product”. The body of the universal remote control only has a Micro-USB jack and a reset reset hole at the bottom of the machine. Let's take a look at the connection steps with the phone, open the Mijia APP, add the device to find the millet universal remote control, and follow the prompts to perform the operation step by step to complete the connection. Enter the app to use the remote control of a home appliance when it is officially used, you can use the model search to achieve remote matching, you can also according to the text guide in the app to test the remote control data provided automatically by one by one to achieve, in addition can also copy the remote control that is the remote The key commands on the device are copied one by one to achieve remote control. From the app's options, we can see that this universal remote control can basically cover all kinds of home appliances. The supported home appliance brands also include most brands on the market. If there is no response when the remote control matches, If the adaptation is not successful, then rich remote control data will be automatically provided for the user to select the appropriate one. The author tried to match the air conditioning of the United States and it was very smooth to achieve control. In general, the data is powerful, and the number of types of home appliances and brands supported covers almost all commercially available remote-controlled products; the operation is simple and practical use saves time and effort; the smart scene is very impressive, bringing great convenience to life; Higher, lower prices for numerous controls. The only problem found in use is that although the material of the piano is very high, it is indeed dirty, which is also a dilemma. Millet universal remote control, a few simple steps, you can make some appliances instantly live up to a remote control of a number of mobile phone appliances is no longer a dream! Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.