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Maybe you just met us, and you have original value for good price | Likes 248 Comments 657 Favourites 474 View Details In order to respond to Zhang Aunt’s call, I also sun-dried my own desktop. I have never sent an original document for a long time. The first is my laziness, the second is poor writing, and the third is no time. This time I’m catching up. The essay on the desktop story, I also made a post, in fact, my desktop is nothing. Things, usually also play DOTA2, look at movies, listen to songs, so the desktop is very simple. From Daci to the novel, the monitor is HKC's T7000 PLUS. At that time, it was heard that LG had made a panel for Apple display because it had a problem, so it was handled by HKC, and then it bought one, the color was really nothing to say, 27 inches 2K The resolution was bought at 2299 at the time, and it was 2 or 3 years old. The T7000+ T7000 PRO that came out later did not work. Since I was at the seller's shop at the time, there was no bad lighting, and then I burned two adapters. I discovered that the problem with this monitor was that it would burn the adapter when it was automatically dormant. Now that we have stopped production, we won't say much, and we can't buy it. The left notebook is TF's T5S also discontinued, bought in Jingdong, graphics card is GTX965M, 1080 full-effects DOTA2, mainly on duty with the office to play. The keyboard is JAKI's JD87 tea shaft, which was just bought when it came out. I remember that it was over 600 years later and the price was too bad and I felt I was losing. The earliest Kai cool cherry tea, did not double change the keyboard for one year, the result of the price cut faster than the pants, does not support the key line separation, when the thigh can shine, then I accidentally removed the keyboard cleaning The flank line broke, so it did not shine, but usually do not care about can not shine, and finally the keyboard is the ABS key cap, spent six months to oil, for the Korean degree of PBT translucent rainbow, feeling is more than the use of ABS Be cool. [10th Anniversary] JAKI JD87 87-key Two-color Keycap Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Made in Taiwan 479 yuan Lynx Select to Buy Handu Rainbow Keycap mechanical keyboard light pbt keycap 87/104_ Taobao search Taobao search is the most intelligent merchandise search engine, through the operation of big data, accurate understanding of goods and users, to provide accurate personalized search experience. S.taobao.com to see Then the monitor below is an innovative sound tyrant, and Aunt Zhang is the lowest at more than 600. I bought it at the original price because I didn't know that there was Aunt Zhang. . . , but the effect is good recommended to buy, support Bluetooth, connect the computer with only a sound card, download drive effects can be improved. Usually used when watching movies. Creative Sound Blaster Speaker SR20A Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker Double Amplifier Outdoor Speaker Multimedia Subwoofer 899 yuan Jingdong To Buy Headset is Logitech's G430, virtual 7.1 channel, comes with a USB sound card, there is a volume regulator and microphone switch, and then the earmuffs can be taken down to wash, maintenance is more convenient, but my earmuffs quickly rotten, with a fast Two years now. Logitech G430 Surround Gaming Headset Microphone 499 yuan Jingdong to buy The necessary glasses that often play with a computer are really useful, no degrees, a bit of zooming in, and the photo taken with the oblivion. GUNNAR PPK Onyx Black/Gleaming Silver Frame Amber Lens Radiation Protection Blu-ray Glasses 509 Yuan Jingdong To Buy The original G700 mouse was double-clicked and then the motherboard was soldered when it was repaired. . . The ice leopard TYON now used is really easy to use, especially the picking pad above, which is very convenient. It's a little dirty, and it's gray. We forgive you. However, the latest wireless version has also come out, so let's talk about it. Ice Leopard (ROCCAT) titanium shark leopard Tyon wired gaming mouse black 699 yuan Jingdong to buy SONY 100ABN 618 just married, this too much out of the box I do not map the Kazakhstan. Then I used the original graphics card is GTX660 later DOTA2 update rebirth version, 2K resolution FPS can not be stable 60, and then out of a change RX480, I think the A card 144HZ display is much cheaper than the N card, so I thought later With 144HZ try, home bought a ViewSonic. But the color is really terrible, I didn't bring it here. Wikipedia ViewSonic Revelation 24 inch professional game 144Hz refresh rate 1ms Responsive Gaming Gaming Display (VG2401mh-PRO) ViewSonic is a well-known veteran display equipment manufacturer, the three bird logo has a very high degree of recognition in the CRT era. Today, it is still the first-line manufacturer of display devices. This ViewSonic VG2401mh 24-inch monitor is located in the game gaming, response time 1ms, refresh rate 144Hz, can fully meet the demand. Compared to ordinary monitors, gaming monitors have a higher refresh rate, faster response, and higher contrast. Value 48 Comments0 Original 1 Very Good 14 To Buy View Details RX480 full effect FPS stable 60 is still good, it should be possible to use a few years now, play a DOTA2, last on my TF.