PlayStation VR's State-of-the-art Suite Unpacking and Touching Simple PS VR Game Evaluation

When the PS VR was first introduced last year, it was hard to find a player. PS4 players can purchase matching VR devices. Therefore, compared with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, they have a certain price advantage. Can buy from West Asia, etc., at the time wanted to grab a feeling, the results of grab a few times, of course, is not to grab it and the domestic JS is often a one or two thousand dollars, so it will not be too close. Began at the beginning of this year, Jingdong, Tmall Sony flagship store began to be available at any time, but unfortunately it was past the time when everyone rushed to buy the power, there is no desire to buy, it has not been orders. In the early 618s of this year, the boutique set began to bring 4 VR games and three-month memberships. It was still worth more than a premium set in Jingdong. Sony (SONY) "State Bank PS VR" PlayStation VR boutique suite (including 4 game exchange card + 3 month membership Plus) 3699 yuan Jingdong to buy 618 Jingdong bought 3,499 yuan and used a 80-category product coupon to reach 3,419 yuan. Then sent such a box without even adding it. Fortunately, it was intact. The boutique package includes one PS VR console, one new camera, two MOVEs, four VR games and three months of BNM membership. Compared to the price of the JS listed last year, it has been very affordable. Used East often encounter return products, this seal is still, it should be brand new The top is the new camera and two MOVE The following is the PS VR host, also sent a glasses cloth Conversion box, an ear plug and various lines, the first time you really need to look at the manual to install various lines The box foam is very thick, the helmet bag is also very tight, do not be afraid of the transport process The most critical helmet, and then installed in accordance with the instructions can enter the world of VR The following sentences briefly describe some of the games that PS VR touches. So far PS VR because of performance problems is mainly based on cartoon-style games, really called the masterpiece is Resident Evil seven, the following games are some of the game to buy a personal experience, and some played the demo, but also some Looked at the video, only said personal feelings, and some people dizzy VR, feelings are not the same, so, a simple look like a reference (personal recommendation PS VR game has a physical version of the best buy physical version of the game, most of the current game All belong to a short process, poor playability, physical version can feel more after the return of some games) 1. Resident Evil 7 At present, PS VR is the only masterpiece game that supports VR. VR mode is very general. When you first start playing, the location is terrible. However, when you get inside the house, it is easy to ignore the screen because of the dark environment and the atmosphere of terror. , strong playability. Recommended Degree: ★★★★☆ 2.VR virtual reality park Hong Kong version of the five games: deep sea spectacle, London robbery, collision ball, rapid glide, interstellar shuttle, the National Bank of four games less the London robbery. Deep sea spectacle can only look around; collision ball and rapid glide control with head swing, bad slide picture is poor; interstellar shuttle and London robbery are slightly playable, and the process is short. Recommended Degree: ★★★ 3. Until dawn: bloody Track shooting game, the screen effect is general, immersive feeling is good, more horrible, the process length is moderate, it is more worthy of a PS VR game, it is best to use MOVE to play Recommended Degree: ★★★★ 4. Runaway beetles This should be regarded as music rhythm games, pictures, music, buttons combined with the new VR gameplay, feeling in addition to a slight repetition is still very good, the process is very long, a game can not stop. Recommended Degree: ★★★★ 5. The rise of Tomb Raider The rise of Tomb Raider is only a DLC can VR mode, in fact, is a puzzle-solving game, perspective can be actively moved or teleported, is not difficult, the process is not long, you can play as an additional VR product. Tomb Raider is still a good game on the rise of the body, Putonghua subtitles Mandarin voice. Recommended Degree: ★★★☆ 6.The PlayRoom VR The free VR games that can be directly downloaded on the PSN belong to the Family Carnival party game, cartoon style, and recommendation. Sony's own game is still very good, do not look free, full of graphics and games, can be a multiplayer game Recommended Degree: ★★★★ 7. Batman: Arkham VR Puzzle games, the process is very short, an hour to estimate it. Both the picture and the music are good, but the playability is very poor, and the fans go to the product Recommended Degree: ★★★ 8. Driving Club VR It may be that the expectation is too great. When you play in the driving club VR, you feel back to the era of the PS2. There are serrations everywhere, control is OK, the picture is very poor, the driving feeling is very poor, there is no sense of immersion, and we may be too demanding. No sense of input at all Recommended Degree: ★★★ 9. Distant interstellar Will soon go abroad version, and the price of 549 yuan package is still good, do not know when to grab it. Looked at the Hong Kong version of the game, the picture quality is still good, the plot process is longer, the choice of guns is quite a lot, with the light gun inside the suit, very refreshing look, the monster may be a little repetitive, but considered relatively good PS VR game. Always use a matching light gun. Recommended Degree: ★★★★ 10. Kitchen A scene from Resident Evil 7: HK$8 Hong Kong Dollar can experience the feelings of Resident Evil Seven. The protagonist is also the female keeper of Biochemical Seven. It's still quite sensational. It's terrible, and it will be three or four minutes, let you feel it. Real VR feel. Before the birth of Biochemistry Seven, it was worth experiencing. After all, it was only 8 Hong Kong dollars, but the biochemistry seven original games came out and you can play Biochemistry 7 directly. Recommended Degree: ★★★ 11. Robinson: Journey The high price of $60 at the time of release is indeed very good, allowing you to feel the Jurassic feeling, but it may be very dizzy. If you are not faint, then this is really a good game, there are many interactive places, and the process time is also Not bad. Recommended Degree: ★★★☆ 12. Hua Ying In flight simulation games, you play an eagle soaring in the air. The picture is not bad, but the playing is relatively simple and there is no much playability. Recommended Degree: ★★★ 13.EVE: Valkyrie A space shooting game, with good picture and 3D sound effects, and good control, let you experience the feeling of traveling in space. Mode maps are all optional, and they are smooth and exciting to play. Recommended Degree: ★★★★ 14. Summer class This is a single otaku game, but unfortunately there is no Chinese language. If you do not understand Japanese, you feel that the interaction is very poor. The screen also belongs to the PS2 level. There is no gameplay, but you feel overcome the screen and language problems. Recommended Degree: ★★★ 15.RIGS: Mechanized Combat Alliance This is a trial game, is a mech battle game, use the handle operation, more complex, the screen in general, but the choice of mech is still quite a lot, I play very dizzy, if not dizzy, then it is still a good game. Recommended Degree: ★★★☆ 16. Wonderland Guardian Domestic games, watching the wonderland guard video, there are a variety of occupational options, high playability, but also by domestic and foreign players praise, be regarded as the pride of domestic games, have the opportunity to personally experience. Recommended Degree: ★★★★ 17. End of Life: Rebirth Trials With one of the four national games, the National Bank escaped the game in the backroom. The picture is good, the difficulty is high, and the process is very short. However, the story is very obscure and there is still room for improvement. Recommended Degree: ★★★ 18. The king of bananas With one of the four national arcade games, cartoon archery game, used with the PS Move, the screen is generally, MOVE control is not very accurate, easy to play. Recommended Degree: ★★☆ 19. Pixel Battle Bring one of the four national arcade games, cartoon style shooting game, feel the picture is very similar to my world, control is relatively simple, as a casual game play is also OK Recommended Degree: ★★☆ 20. Will cry baby With one of the four national games, puzzle games, the picture is very poor, the plot is OK, domestic games can support it. Recommended degree:★★ There is not much time to write things, simply write down the PS VR games that they are in contact with. The introduction is very simple, as a simple reference. At present, PS VR is not much work, but everything has a process. I believe there will be more and more fun VR games in the future.