Why only LG do OLED TV? Samsung vent opener

Since the plasma, the best known panel is the OLED. From a global point of view, the current master OLED technology is mainly LG and Samsung. LG has produced a large number of OLED TVs, but Samsung mainly produces OLED small screens, mainly used on mobile phones. Why does Samsung let LG monopolize the OLED TV panel industry itself but do not do OLED TV? Samsung recently revealed the reason: because OLED large-size panels to burn screen! Samsung is the world's largest manufacturer of OLED panels, and the technology is also the most advanced, but even so, Samsung has not been involved in its own brand of OLED TVs, only in the small and medium size of mobile phones, tablets and other business. Previously, Samsung’s claim was that the cost of large-size cutting was high and the yield was low. However, according to The Korea Herald’s report, they learned from Samsung that the greatest concern of the South Korean giants is the burn-in of OLEDs. Some pixels cannot be properly disappeared from the bottom of the screen due to excessive use, thus causing interference to the global picture. Samsung emphasized that TVs and monitors are durable consumer products. Burning problems are almost inevitable. The reason why this is so is because OLEDs rely on organic substrates. Therefore, Samsung has been vigorously promoting QLED QD TVs during these years. QLEDs are also self-illuminating, but The difference in OLED is that the substrate is replaced with inorganic material. Of course, LG's strategy for OLEDs for so many years is just the opposite of Samsung's. They have been making OLED TVs and have only recently started to lay out cell phone panels. In addition, Sony has also launched the first OLED TV A1 at this year's CES. Samsung said so, do you still buy OLED TVs? LG has been making OLED TVs for several years, but it hasn't exposed the problem of burning screens in large areas. Although users have encountered such problems, it seems that the situation is still under control. However, since Samsung said this, then we would rather believe it. In fact, the problem of burn-in has existed since the beginning of the plasma, even if the liquid crystal has encountered burned screen, but with the advancement of technology, this phenomenon is less and less. At present, only LG manufactures OLED large-size panels. If there are multiple manufacturers involved in the large-size OLED panel industry later, and OLED TVs have more panel options, then this problem is estimated to be really solved! So now everyone may wish to wait and see again. Of course, OLED TV is the mainstream of future TV.