Technology changes lives: What smart homes can subvert our habits?

Those who change the life of artificial intelligence Today, smart devices have entered our lives on a large scale. After several years of development, they have become more humane and can chat with you to tell jokes, and they can stand up to tease. Various kinds of voice assistants are emerging one after another. After some annihilation, they can be remembered by only a handful of people. Apple's Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant are rarely used, in addition to Amazon's Alexa and so on. Of course, domestic manufacturers have also released voice assistants, such as the more well-known news fly Ling rhyme voice assistant. Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant Although there are so many voice assistants on mobile phones, in my usual observations, the frequencies used by everyone are not particularly frequent. Generally speaking, just make a phone call and set a reminder. Just use the voice assistant to download the software. For example, if you say “Download QQ” to Siri, it will automatically jump to the app store's QQ download interface. After a while, you may forget the existence of the voice assistant in your phone, and Android users may use less of the voice assistant. Slowly, the emergence of smart home products has changed the user's usage habits. HomePod At Apple's just-concluded developer conference, the first speaker product, HomePod, was released. Not to mention good or bad. With Apple's influence, many ordinary users will start to pay attention to home smart speakers and to a certain extent, they can also promote domestic smart speakers. Industry development. Is Apple's participation or tripartite participation? Amazon and Google have already released speaker products before Amazon, Amazon Echo and Google Home. With the development over the past few years, Echo has accumulated more than 10,000 skills, ordering meals, calling cars, and shopping on the Amazon. Everything you need to do is speak loudly to Echo and help you to control it. In addition to Echo, Amazon also has Echo Dot, which is cheaper and more compatible and can be plugged into existing speaker products. Amazon Echo and Echo Dot