What time is the "Military Union 2" broadcast? Where can I see

"Military Division Sima Yi Junshi Alliance" has also been referred to as the "Military Teachers Union" broadcast has received much attention since the broadcast, when the soon-to-finish, we all know that there is the second step of the "big army division Sima Yuzhi Tiger Xiao Long Yu". Then, what time will the "Armed Forces Sima Xizhi Tigers Dragons" be broadcast? It is reported that this "Military Union 2" has been scheduled to start broadcasting on December 11th. Like "Military Union" friends do not miss it! It is reported that "Military Union 2" tells the story between Wolong Zhuge Liang and Suihu Sima Yi. The "Military Union 2" mainly talked about the high-spiritedness of the sword from Sima Yi, and Zhuge Liang's hand-held crane crane with a fan to banish Fang Kui. All of these signals indicate that a field battle is ready. Whether it is empty city plan, six out of Laoshan, or the top valley battle and other wonderful stories. Although Cao Cao has already closed down the curtain, but with Zhuge Liang's debut, he also said that "the army officer Sima Yuzhi Tigers Long Hao" will again lift the climax! The first section tells the story of Sima Yong's forbearance and growth, and the second part shows the works of Sima Yi’s true talent. The real fighting between Tigers, Dragonflies and Wolong has only just begun. The "Military Alliance 2" believes that it will also bring different interpretations to the three countries. Like Sima Yi and like Zhuge Liang's friends don't miss it! It is reported that "Military Union 2" Sima Yi is still starred by Wu Xiubo, while Wolong Zhuge Liang is starred by Wang Luoyong. What kind of wonderful performances will Wu Xiubo and Wang Luoyong offer us? It is very much looking forward to! So how do you watch this "Military Union 2" through smart TV? After all, you don’t need to watch on time at your TV. You can watch it at any time and it’s a dream for every TV fan. In fact, it is not difficult to watch "Military Union 2" through smart TV. As long as we have installed a third-party TV video application called "CIBN Cool TV" for smart TVs. This application is a TV video application jointly launched by Youku Video and the licensee CIBN, which contains the content of Youku Video. CIBN cool movie download address: direct link So how do we install CIBN cool video for smart TV? The author will introduce you next! Installation method: 1. Download the "CIBN Cool Video" application installation package on the computer and copy it to the U disk. U disk insert smart product USB interface 2. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the smart TV. File Management Interface 3. Enter the multimedia interface on the smart TV, find the "CIBN cool movie and television" application installation package, click to open the installation, according to the system prompts to install. how about it? Is it very simple? If you want to watch "Military Union 2" friends through smart TV, try it!