In Europe also want to play 8K TV, Sharp IFA 2017 main 8K feast

On the day before the opening of the IFA on September 1st, Sharp held an "Eyebreaker 8K Eco-Prelude" at Shanghai, China, and announced that 8K Ecology has become one of Sharp's most important core strategies. Sure enough, at IFA 2017, the Sharp TV show has almost become an 8K feast. Let's take a look at the 8K products. Sharp 70吋8K HDR TV shows the clear charm of 8K through real direct shooting. The day before in the country, Sharp defied AQUOS' civilian 8K TV, the model was LCD-70SX970A, and now domestic friends can easily enjoy it, seemingly ahead of the European market. Sharp also demonstrated a 27" 8K display product, using Sharp's exclusive IGZO (indium-gallium-zinc-oxide) IPS panel with a resolution of 7680*4320, a screen refresh rate of 120Hz, and a production process that is far more sophisticated than 4K. . The pixel density per inch reached 326 ppi. Displaying an 8K resolution picture in a 27-inch area is very shocking, and the picture quality is as delicate as a real scene. There is also an 85-inch 8K TV. The next sharp 8K TV in China is expected to be of this size, attracting many German visitors to watch it. The picture is really attractive. In addition to 8K, the large size is also Sharp's focus, this 120-inch product is also quite domineering field experience. Of course, 8K TV is just the beginning of 8K ecology. 8K technology will be applied to a wider area in the future, such as precision industrial manufacturing, audio and video life, medical care, and education. It has also become the consensus of the forum participants. In the vision of Foxconn and Sharp, 8K will comprehensively reform the lifestyle of human society in various fields. The 8K ecosystem is based on the entire industry from content to broadcasting. From the perspective of the 8K ecology plan announced by Sharp, 8K content source shooting from the upstream, 8K content editing and storage, and final 8K content playback form a complete industrial chain.