Tencent Cloud Launches Integrated Cloud Video Solution

On December 15, 2014, Tencent Cloud Computing announced that it has launched an all-in-one cloud video solution and officially entered the online video market with huge demand. This release indicates that Tencent will open core technologies and advantages accumulated in the audio and video industry during the development of mass business such as QQ and Tencent videos, and integrate integrated cloud video solutions to include online education and video socialization. , video site new media, radio and television network television and other applications, providing a package of basic websites and data, content production and distribution, user and content operations.

The main content of the solution includes on-demand, audio and video communications, live broadcast and other cloud services. When customers use these cloud services, they only need to invoke the SDK to achieve the same smooth video on demand capability as Tencent's video in their own applications. Has the same powerful audio and video calling capabilities as QQ.

The video solution is another heavyweight solution launched by Tencent Cloud after games, mobile applications and other solutions. This measure shows that under the strategic goal of Tencent connecting, Tencent Cloud Computing will be the cornerstone of the connection and will continue to build. The concept of building a quality cloud service will continuously open up Tencent’s rich experience and capabilities in Internet technology to the public in the form of value-added cloud services, creating a cloud computing platform with the most extensive professional Internet capabilities.

Aggregating Advantage Resources to Open Tencent Audio and Video Capabilities

It is understood that users in the video industry require high computing and storage capabilities, as well as special requirements for industries such as video uploading, encryption, statistics, and distribution. Therefore, domestic video service providers usually need to cooperate with three suppliers respectively to obtain The above required products and services. With the advent of highly connected, mass-calculated Internet businesses, access to integrated services with integrated service capabilities and low service costs has become a common market expectation.

To meet the needs of a wide range of markets, Tencent Cloud provides cloud-based video solutions that are highly flexible, highly available, low-cost, widely-covered, and fast-accessible through cloud service. Taking the social application video solution as an example, in addition to the underlying cloud server, cloud database, cloud security, CDN, object storage, and other products and services, Tencent Cloud has also operated QQ for many years, providing audio and video calls to hundreds of millions of users. With the accumulation of service capabilities and experience, the underlying audio and video architecture has been opened up through packaging APIs and SDKs, providing directly invoking interfaces for video industry customers.

At the same time, Tencent Cloud is also basing its efforts on building an ecological system, integrating internal resource advantages, and integrating search, advertising, payment, analysis, and other video service-related business capabilities to create a convenient, secure, and efficient video service environment for video service providers and provide a complete Full ecological video connection platform. Taking widely used on-demand services as an example, users can not only obtain full-process services such as cloud upload, cloud storage, cloud transcoding, cloud analysis, and cloud publishing, but also value-added services such as encryption and anti-theft chains; Video and advertising alliances and other ways to quickly enter the realization channel. On Tencent Cloud, users need to focus on content production itself without worrying about cumbersome cash flow.

Traffic and big data are one of Tencent's two aces and are extremely attractive to users in the video industry. For users in the video industry, Tencent Cloud will open up internal resources such as Tencent Video and Tencent Classroom to provide users with traffic introduction services and provide big data analysis services through Tencent Cloud Analysis, Tencent Messenger, and Tencent Analytics.

Focus on "smooth province" to connect real business scenarios

According to reports, Tencent Cloud provides users in the video industry with on-demand services such as on-demand broadcasting, audio and video communication, live broadcasting and security monitoring. The above services have high requirements for computing, storage, and networking. For this purpose, Tencent Cloud has conducted a careful deployment and has helped the nation to achieve nationwide coverage without blind spots through the six major regional centers; the industry has opened up more than 400 Streaming media accelerates nodes to ensure a smooth viewing experience for end users. It provides over 5Tb of export broadband, and can continuously expand capacity according to requirements. It is currently equipped with more than 12,000 compute cluster networks to ensure transcoding efficiency. The above-mentioned advantages of comprehensive industry-leading resources and capabilities will provide a solid guarantee for the video industry to provide “steady, fast, and provincial” services.

Tencent Cloud is positioned to provide video service providers with integrated cloud video solutions. Typical service scenarios include online education services, new media services, social application videos, and security monitoring.

- Online education service scenario: This type of user wants to keep courseware and video data on the cloud. Using Tencent Cloud Load Balancing (LB) load front-end Web, it can realize rapid expansion and deployment under sudden increase of business; secondly users want to record After a large amount of educational videos, it is distributed to end users in real time to provide teaching services. At this time, users upload in real time through the Web, and distribute them in real time after transcoding, and they can also use the interface provided by Tencent Cloud to complete the video after auditing their own systems. cloud.

- New Media Business Scenario: In the two industries of OTT and SVA New Media, OTT users can manage chip sources, transcoding, watermarking, and other functions online based on the Cloud Content Management System (CMS) function; new users of Radio and TV broadcast media through professional broadcast platforms The integrated service, using Tencent cloud video and professional radio and TV SaaS platform, to meet news editors, real-time online editing, dynamic acceleration and other business needs.

- Social application video scene: Typical application scenarios of such users are: audio and video chat, online classroom live broadcast, remote video conference, telemedicine, etc. In the above scenario, the user can directly call related interfaces to integrate with the business system to realize the audio and video of two or more people in the business scenario. In addition, the user can realize real-time statistical analysis, operation data acquisition, and billing data through the audio and video operation platform. , Optimize operational strategies and reduce operating costs.

- Security monitoring business scenario: Security monitoring users have high demand for large-capacity video content storage, Tencent cloud object storage (COS) products support large file upload, automatic capacity expansion and other services, without worrying about the storage ceiling and expansion issues, you can get instant Storage, instant download and play services.

Release productivity to open up new era of video

It is understood that Tencent cloud video solution has launched a limited number of personal users close to the beta, access to beta testing of both BYD traditional manufacturing giants, there are similar to warm doctors this emerging video health consulting service platform, there are a lot of Online education platform users. Test customer feedback, compared to self-built on-demand architecture systems and audio and video call technology, Tencent cloud video solutions can significantly shorten the new business on-line time and save business costs. Warm medical technicians said that apart from saving time and costs, the most important thing is that Tencent Cloud provides more stable and reliable audio and video calling capabilities, which greatly reduces the occurrence of Caton and delays and improves user satisfaction. degree.

Industry commentators believe that the introduction of Tencent's cloud video solution indicates that an era of a new video production relationship will come. In this era, users in the video industry conduct more natural and profound interactions among local applications, cloud services, and end-users. Through the integrated service capabilities of Tencent Cloud, they acquire the most valuable integrated service capabilities and terminals. Video users.

This service is more likely to release the video service provider's productivity. Based on Tencent's cloud video technology and the ability to deliver the ecosystem, video service providers truly have integrated solutions for production, operation, and management of video. They manage the entire process and the entire lifecycle of video: they can manage, encode, and store videos. , distribution, can customize the player, access to the cloud strong and flexible technical support, access to video copyright protection, access to video advertising integrated realization channel, statistical analysis of big data.

Technological innovation often leads to business innovation. The launch of Tencent Cloud Video Solution will help promote the commercialization of the video service industry, continue to release Tencent’s resource advantages and integrate service capabilities, and push Tencent’s “connection to everything” belief In the field of video applications, video users also have "connection" capabilities.

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