Smart home platform is too fire! Smart appliances also want to borrow Dongfeng

Not long ago, at the first session of the World Internet Conference, someone released a rhetoric that "after five to ten years, it will lead a business to become the world's first smart phone company," and it will go beyond "domineering." It's hard to say whether a certain business can achieve gorgeous "backlash", but what is clear is that, in terms of quality, the gap between a certain business and Apple at present should be a few "China Cool". However, this is not important, it is important that a certain mature business does not have the momentum to enter the smart home and develop a crazy layout.

All know that a business's "professional" is not a smart home, with the "professional" things connected sensing and other Internet of things companies in the smart home no comparable, but even so, a business can make the smart home industry continue to ripple. The latest news is that a smart phone company has spent nearly 1.3 billion yuan to invest in the United States and a home appliance company intends to do the smart home together. Although Gree Dong Mingzhu did not take any notice, he even murmured that "the two liars are together, it is a thief group", but this does not seem to affect the layout of a business smart home.

In fact, before this cooperation, a business and the United States have a smart home layout, a business smart routing, smart model room, four "real smart home" and not long ago launched a smart home appliances air purifier, and In March of this year, Midea launched a smart home strategy, which is mainly the transition from home appliances to smart home appliances and the realization of interconnection between smart home appliances. Although the direction of this cooperation between a business and the United States is smart home, it is clear that the status of smart appliances will be even more critical, and even smart appliances "turn over" opportunities.

Smart homes are indeed very popular in recent years. At least some home appliance companies and Internet technology companies may be "inspiring," but they have to admit that smart home appliances do not seem to be integrated into them. Many people will default smart home appliances to smart homes (which we did above), and even when smart homes refer to smart home appliances, they are actually different concepts.

The connotation and denotation of smart homes are even greater. The real inclusion of smart home appliances is only a matter of recent years. In fact, many professionals still do not classify smart home appliances into smart homes. Under normal circumstances, there is a household appliance control function in the smart home, which sounds like a home appliance. However, in reality, centralized control of multiple smart appliances is achieved through other smart devices. The appliance is only a "passive" device, and the realization of intelligent functions is Do not rely on them. It is worth mentioning that even if the smart home appliances are classified as smart home by default, the development of smart home appliances is not very good.

The advantage of smart home appliances is grounding gas, which is easy for consumers to understand and accept. As long as there are people with home appliance concepts, there is no understanding barrier to smart home appliances. There is no big problem with simple “home appliances + smart” to locate, but smart home appliances The disadvantage is also obvious. First, smart home appliances are the only ones, and the same brands and between different brands are faced with the problem of “co-operation”. However, it is really rare that they can be interconnected. This is why Samsung, Haier, Midea and other home appliance companies emphasize the importance of equipment. The reasons for the interconnection are as follows: Second, the price of smart appliances is quite high, which is the most difficult issue for smart home appliances. The price of home appliances is not low, and the number of smart home appliances is usually increased several times, and usually Will turn over so that consumers can not see the price.

However, these problems may be further resolved in the cooperation between a certain merchant and the United States. A business owner has smart sockets, smart light bulbs, smart cameras and other products, if they are on the smart appliances, not only the pattern will be greater, the prospects are more prolonged, will also provide a smart home appliances to the United States can be "trusted" smart home platform, This is also conducive to the transformation of the United States. As for the price, there is no need to doubt the determination of a certain business. Even if a business does not surprise us with products, it will meet the needs of most people in terms of price, from a merchant smartphone, to a smart light bulb, to an air purifier, Basically all this is a play, a routine, so the cooperation of a business and the United States, even if the smart home appliances must also be relatively inexpensive smart appliances.

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