Consequences of the New Deal of the US Drama: After a six-month broadcast of the new US drama, it is possible for the country to see

According to a news from the Beijing Evening News, the lag time for the introduction of overseas operas next year is about half a year. It has begun to make the “we” who watched the American drama grow up uncomfortable. Because this means that after the latest quarterly game of power and the big explosion of life were broadcast six months ago, major video sites could be introduced domestically. Of course, because of “out-of-order orders” and quota restrictions, they may not necessarily be introduced.

Why then can the new season's US drama be broadcast on domestic video websites after being broadcast for half a year?

This matter should be mentioned in the 204nd document issued by the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television in September of this year. This document is the official announcement of the end of the dual-track operation of video websites and television stations. The content of movies and television on the Internet also needs to start to be managed like cable TV programs.
Moreover, starting from next year, SARFT will implement the “restricted foreign orders,” and the introduction of overseas drama requires that overseas content purchased by video sites must be certified. There are also restrictions on the number of television dramas introduced. The number of TV dramas that can be introduced in 2015 will not exceed 30% of the number of domestically produced TV and TV dramas that were broadcast online in the previous year (2014). At the same time, the country and subject matter types need to be diversified.

The first trial post broadcast is the key factor that leads to the inability to broadcast simultaneously. The newly-launched overseas film and television dramas must be given a full-scale film of the first quarter and be handed over to the Beijing Bureau for approval. After the approval is passed, the license number will be obtained for on-line broadcast. In other words, if light counts the broadcast time of a season and conservatively plays 12 episodes of a week, it will take 84 days. Of course, such an all-out series like the House of Cards will be counted.

In addition, for foreign TV dramas broadcasted before the video site, they need to be registered before April 1, 2015, and the online broadcast of the content agreement will not be renewed after the expiry of the contract. If the new policy continues to be used for renewal, quotas and audit content will be required.

Of course, for video sites, the limited quota will lead to a drop in the number of imports. Second, the inability to broadcast simultaneously will be the most troublesome issue. The situation of piracy outflows is unavoidable.

However, just two weeks ago, Tencent and Time Warner's HBO reached an agreement to distribute HBO's TV programs and movies to Chinese users through Tencent's video sites. The game of power, truth detection, FireWire, and newsroom are all It is a wonderful drama produced by HBO. Perhaps, in the fourth quarter of HBO’s power game to be launched in April next year, it will take about half a year to meet with the Chinese audience on the Tencent video.

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