Quad Channel Power Management IC PCB Layout Guide for Vehicle Power Supply


A reasonable PCB layout is critical, especially in the design of high frequency switching regulators such as the MAX20021/MAX20022. The optimized PCB layout provides clean output and simplifies debugging in electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing. This article describes some of the key areas of optimizing circuit layout to ensure optimal performance.

Overall layout design guide

Keep the loop area formed by the input capacitors (C5-C8), inductors (L1-L4), and output capacitors (C1-C4) to a minimum.

Place the VA output capacitor (C9) as close as possible to pin 26 (VA and pin 24 (GND). Do not have a via between the capacitor and the pin. This pin is the analog supply input to the IC and any inductors generated on the leads. Both will increase the analog noise, which will increase the output jitter of LX[1:4].

Use the shortest possible route.

Optimize AC-DC current path

To reduce electromagnetic emissions, the passive component layout around the MAX20021/MAX20022 is critical. The path in which the current step changes is called the AC path and occurs at the moment when the switch is turned on/off. After the switch is turned ON/OFF, the path through which the current flows is a DC path.

Communication path

The MAX20021 synchronous rectification dc-to-dc converter has three passive components (C1, C5, L1) on the output current path of each output. These three components have a significant impact on electromagnetic radiation and device performance. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the switching current path of OUT1 during ON/OFF. Figure 3 shows the difference between the two current paths with the maximum di/dt. The C5 wiring should be prioritized, followed by the L1 and C1 wiring.

Figure 1. OUT1 current flow with PMOS ON. Figure 1. Current path for OUT1 when the PMOS is on.

Figure 1. Current path for OUT1 when the PMOS is on.

Figure 2. OUT1 current flow with DMOS ON. Figure 2. Current path of OUT1 when DMOS is on.

Figure 2. Current path for OUT1 when DMOS is on.

Figure 3. OUT1 AC current flow showing difference. Figure 3. OUT1 AC path difference.

Figure 3. OUT1 AC path differences.

Spread spectrum

If the improved wiring cannot pass the user's radiation standard test, the MAX20021/MAX20022 products with clock spread spectrum can be customized. The spread spectrum device can reduce the noise of the FM band by 12dB compared with the standard version. Refer to the device data sheet for instructions on customizing the spread spectrum device.

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