Research on Integrated Solution of Call Center and License Plate Recognition for Automobile 4S Shop

Abstract: In the automotive market, the competition among various brand manufacturers has become increasingly fierce, and consumers' consumption concepts have also changed. In consideration of price factors, they also attach importance to the quality, appearance and practicality of automobiles, and pay more attention to the after-sales service of automobile 4S stores. In view of the current service status of China's automobile 4S shop, combined with the characteristics of the automobile 4S shop industry, an integrated intelligent management solution designed according to customer needs. The program is an integrated design for the call center and license plate recognition of the automobile 4S shop, and has built an intelligent management system for the automobile 4S shop for the domestic automobile 4S shop.
Key words: 4S shop; license plate recognition; call center; integrated management

0 Introduction As we all know, the auto 4S shop has a car franchise model with the core of “sale” (Sale), spare parts sales (Spare Part), after-sales service (Service), and information feedback (Survey). With the change of consumers' consumption concept and the improvement of consumption level in China, when purchasing a car, in addition to considering the price requirements, the after-sales service should also be in line with the car powers such as Europe, Japan and the United States. At present, the auto 4S shop wants to break through the limitations of the manufacturer, and to create its own brand image must make a fuss in the after-sales service of the car, to customer-centered, to show customers the quality after-sales service and professional technical level, so that customers can always feel at ease, Intimate and humanized service; establish and improve customer relationship management system, pay attention to information feedback and communication with customers, enable sales customers to be transformed into after-sales customers in a timely manner, and provide timely and effective “one-on-one” service to customers, and gradually Achieve two or even multiple marketing.
At present, 4S shop business usually includes: new car listing and release, multi-brand consignment, used car certification and trading, new car licensing agency, auto insurance business agent, car rescue, auto parts sales, car maintenance, car repair, car loan, vehicle report More than a dozen businesses, such as insurance and clubs. In the profit system of 4S shop, the whole vehicle sales, accessories and maintenance are three-point world, especially the maintenance service has become the main source of profit for the 4S shop. In view of the current service status of domestic auto 4S stores, the auto 4S shop intelligent management system has been tailored for domestic auto 4S stores.

1 License plate recognition system Vehicle license plate automatic identification technology is an important part of intelligent transportation system. It has a wide range of applications in video surveillance such as intelligent transportation and electronic police. At present, the license plate recognition system is mainly used in the following areas: “Electronic Police” for safe city control, traffic intersections, community vehicle management system, parking lot entrance management system, and highway speed camera. The license plate recognition system can capture the license plate of a vehicle traveling in the identification area through intelligent recognition technology, then accurately locate the license plate image from the video area, and then divide and recognize the characters, and finally integrate the character information and output to the designated The server or database provides basic information for applications in each of these areas.
A license plate recognition system based on image processing usually consists of five parts:

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In practical applications, fast and accurate is the two key elements of the license plate recognition system to identify the license plate. Therefore, in the process of license plate recognition, vehicle detection, image collection, and license plate recognition are all important links. The key technologies are:
(1) Positioning technology: In the set identification area, the license plate license of the entering area can be quickly located.
(2) Character segmentation technology: segmentation and normalization of the license plate characters after positioning, wherein the binarization and tilt correction of the license plate are very important for the segmentation and recognition of characters.
(3) Character recognition technology: The license plate characters will be recognized after being cut.
1.1 Vehicle access identification (1) Vehicle driving license plate camera capture area, license plate recognition system automatically captures the image of the vehicle and recognizes the license plate identification number, and then retrieves the vehicle information through the retrieval database;
(2) Determine whether the internal vehicle, the customer vehicle or the visitor vehicle is based on the license plate number data, and arrange the corresponding business and service personnel reception according to the type of the vehicle;
(3) The gate is automatically opened and the vehicle entry time is recorded. The entire process is automated and requires no staff intervention. The vehicle is always on the road without a pause;
(4) When the license plate leaves, identify the license plate number, record the departure time, the store name, and so on.
1.2 The main performance indicator identification time ≤ 10 ms;
Monitoring distance: 1 ~ 50 m (depending on the performance of the imaging equipment);
Visible light imaging mode, supporting auxiliary light sources such as LEDs and flash lamps, working continuously 24 hours a day, 7 hours a day;
The recognition rate of Chinese characters is >95%, the recognition rate of character bits is greater than >97%, and the correct rate of recognition of all license plates is >95%;
Support a variety of license plate recognition: civil license plates, Hong Kong and Macao license plates, political and legal departments, armed police license plates, military license plates;
The license plate color (blue, yellow, black, white) recognition accuracy under visible light imaging conditions > 98%;
A license plate for vehicles that travel at speeds up to 250 km/h;
Support video automatic triggering and physical triggering vehicle detection;
A video capture device supporting interfaces such as PCI, USB2.0, and IEEE1394;
Output vehicle photos, license plate photos, license plate entry signs, license plate colors, 4S store names (custom).
1.3 Technical advantages (1) Effectively suppress the glare of headlights at night, the license plate number is clearly identifiable;
(2) Combine the license plate recognition instrument with dynamic local metering to effectively overcome the reverse and smooth light;
(3) LED dot matrix light source, low power consumption and long life. Range of 7 to 30 m, automatic light control switch;
(4) Video synchronization, 50Hz pulse stroboscopic illumination, reducing visual impact and extending service life;
(5) 18x optical auto zoom lens with a maximum shooting distance of 50 m;
(6) Advanced automatic temperature control cover to adapt to harsh environments;
(7) Integrated structure design, easy to use. One camera monitors multiple lanes, saving system cost.

2 Solution Overview This solution is an integrated intelligent management solution designed in combination with the characteristics of the automotive 4S shop industry and customer needs. This solution integrates the call center and license plate intelligent identification.
According to the customized call center solution of the 4S shop, the communication technology and network technology are organically combined, and the existing service system and resource management are integrated to integrate the functions of each sub-service module, including: call information bullet. Automatic production of screens, work orders, work order circulation, accident insurance, service tracking and return visits, regular return visit care, weekly report statistics, knowledge organization and knowledge base establishment, training management, etc.; through tablet PCs, smart phone terminals, Flexible combination of various modes of communication such as telephone voice, SMS, and image transmission. This program has greater innovation and integration, solves the problem of information islands, and raises the service level of 4S stores to a new height. Therefore, the distance between the enterprise and the customer is close, the service personnel and the owner of the vehicle are in close contact with each other, and the vehicle owner information is fully grasped, thereby providing more personalized and customized services for the customer, thereby maximizing the information feedback function of “4S”. The embodiment.
The license plate intelligent recognition system uses the dynamic video or static image of the vehicle to carry out the license plate number and the license plate color automatic identification technology, as shown in FIG. 2 . Through the collection and processing of the image, the automatic recognition function of the license plate is completed, so as to extract the destination data information and send it to the CRM system through the data interface, the first time for the sales or service personnel of the 4S shop to provide the customer information to the store, which is convenient for the service. ,increasing customer satisfaction.


2.1 License Plate Recognition and Call Center Integration System Architecture
The architecture diagram of the license plate recognition and call center integration system is shown in Figure 3.
2.2 Call Center System Functional Architecture The functional architecture of the call center system is shown in Figure 4.
2.3 Call Center System Function Introduction (1) 7×24 hours service, establish a brand to announce a number, 24 hours service, establish a good brand image of the automobile 4S shop, and realize unified new car promotion, vehicle sales, information consultation Self-service such as spare parts sales, car rescue, vehicle reporting, complaints, and clubs.
(2) Automatic service and manual direct access IVR automatic voice response realizes self-service, which requires manual service to directly navigate to different business departments, saving the time of transit inquiry, simplifying business processes and improving work efficiency. Customers can access manual services at any point in the IVR.
(3) Intelligent caller screen customer call, call management system software will automatically pop up the customer's basic information, and display business contact records, such as the owner's name, model, license plate number, address, contact, contact number, and previous dimensions / Record information such as repair, insurance, consultation, complaints, etc., so that the attendant can see at a glance; for the number without history, a new window pops up for easy recording.
(4) Mobile office The company extension can be set up with external telephones or mobile phones to meet the needs of customers, solve customer problems and make customers feel ubiquitous care.
(5) Call recording monitoring Real-time monitoring of calls, query recording, etc., the ability to consult and answer the service representatives, the service quality of after-sales service personnel can be effectively monitored and managed, and it is convenient to make satisfactory services for customer needs. It can provide a basis for evaluation of customer representative service capabilities, facilitate decision-making and focus on sales personnel and control the use of the phone.
(6) Collaboration of the unified communication support department Inter-departmental collaboration can be realized through various means such as telephone transfer. The detailed information of the personnel of all departments can be shared and can be transferred synchronously with the communication and updated in real time.
(7) The system dispatches the work order according to the customer's caller ID, automatically pops up the customer information and according to the customer service request (report or repair), enters the service demand information, and assigns the dispatch task to the nearest service center through the system free flow mode. Repair personnel. The system records the time of sending, receiving, and completing each node in real time, which can effectively monitor the processing status of the work order, and provide the customer with the whereabouts information of the repair personnel in a timely and accurate manner.
(8) Performance appraisal According to the generated call record report and customer service record, the salesman's car sales performance, daily service, repairing the vehicle, dispatching the vehicle record, customer complaint suggestion, customer's latest car purchase information and demand, etc. Analyze and take corresponding measures to improve the internal management level, and conduct targeted training and assessment of relevant personnel to improve the marketing level of business personnel.
(9) Remote agents and telephone conference rooms can set up remote seats in each 4S shop and franchise store to realize data intercommunication and sharing, and reduce the cost of calls; the headquarters and branches, sales outlets, and maintenance points only need to dial the extension to enter the conference in advance. Set up a voice conference room to realize a conference call, provide conference hosting, mute someone, and kick.
(10) Knowledge base management The establishment of the knowledge base is very important for daily service work, and it is necessary to regularly record, update and organize. The content management of the knowledge base mainly summarizes the common vehicle maintenance/maintenance knowledge, service knowledge and technical support through knowledge acquisition, cataloging and other forms, and opens up the external service caliber, so that the solution of customer problems tends to be standardized. At the same time, it provides online query, download and print functions of the knowledge base.
(11) Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Customer satisfaction is an important indicator for evaluating the 4S store service team. 4S shop arranger to return to a specific customer, or arrange a regular return visit to understand the customer's perception of the service or the recent overall service of the 4S shop. The return visit can be initiated automatically by the system, and the satisfaction survey is conducted through the voice interaction of the telephone system. The Commissioner aggregates survey data for service quality assessment and statistical analysis.
(12) Blacklist of incoming calls You can set the blacklist of incoming calls. When a call is made in the blacklist, the call management software can be set to automatically hang up, eliminating unnecessary interruptions.


3 Conclusion The license plate recognition system is in the development stage both at home and abroad. The license plates and actual traffic environment of different countries in the world are also different, so it is difficult to introduce and promote. However, although some products developed by the company have achieved practical application in the domestic security field, the application of the license plate recognition system and the customer relationship management system of the 4S shop is less, and in most cases, it is two relatively independent systems, which is not conducive to information. shared. This paper starts from the actual needs of the project, through the information transfer between the license plate recognition system interface and the server middleware, and then shares the data with the customer relationship management system to provide customized applications for each terminal. This program is an integrated design for the call center and license plate recognition of the 4S shop of the automobile, and is an innovative research in this field.

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