Electrodeless lamp advantages

Electrodeless lamp advantages Long life: Because there are no filaments and electrodes in the bulb, high-frequency coupling induction is used. The service life is as long as 60,000 hours, which is 12 times that of high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp. Frequent switching does not affect its life.

High-efficiency and energy-saving: Light efficiency ≥ 65-110 lm/W, power factor> 0.98, 125W electrodeless lamp is equivalent to 400W incandescent lamp, energy saving effect is 80% higher than incandescent lamp, 50% energy saving than high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp;

Light decline is small: 2000 hours <5%, 60000 hours <25%, the use of 60,000 hours after the lumen maintenance rate is still 75%;

High reliability: Electrodeless lamp cross-current dual-use, in the voltage range 150V to 265V and ambient temperature range from minus 20 °C to plus 50 °C can start and work normally, and strong shock resistance.

Instant start: Due to the use of high-frequency coupling induction, there is no warm-up time for ordinary mercury lamps, metal halide fluorescent lamps, etc., and startup and startup can instantly light up.

High color rendering: 80 or more color rendering, 2700-7000K color temperature available, soft light color, close to daylight, can better coordinate with the atmosphere of the lighting environment.

Green environmental protection: No electromagnetic pollution is detected by the national EMC. At the same time, the lighting is extremely stable, no flicker, low glare, and it is beneficial to the health of eyesight. And all light bulb materials are solid mercury, lead-free glass, 98% can be recycled.

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