The danger of Yuba

The danger of Yuba Many people know the benefits of Yuba, but do not know what harm the Yuba, and today to everyone to say that the harm of Yuba.

First, infrared damage to the eyes and skin Infrared is a type of thermal radiation that can cause high temperature damage to the human body. Stronger infrared rays can cause skin damage and the result is similar to a burn. The initial burning and then causing burns.

Second, the glare is easy to burn the eyes Yuba's lights are very bright, can quickly heat up the bathroom in a short time, but people bath under the bath for a long time, it is easy to burn eyes because of strong light.

In the current family bathroom, which is usually heated by Yuba, people like to warm all the four lights of Yuba when they are bathing in winter. If the wattage of each Yuba bulb is 275 watts, the four bulbs add up to 1100 watts. , will produce strong light pollution. If you use Yuba for a long time, you will feel dizzy. insomnia. Attention is not concentrated, the appetite does not drop, and so on, because too dazzling light interferes with the human nervous system. At the same time, do not have the baby at home to give the child the same time to turn on Yuba while bathing the child. Light pollution will weaken the visual function of infants and children, affect the children's vision development, will give children the vision of the future forever s damage.

Third, the bathroom is not waterproof Although the Yuba waterproof bulb is a waterproof performance, but the lamps and fans, lights, non-IP33 waterproof structure lights, but the body's metal parts are not waterproof, that is, the body of the metal is still conductive . If it is splashed with water, it may cause a danger such as a short circuit to the power supply.

Fourth, the bathroom heater is not comfortable The operating principle of the bathroom heater is to increase the temperature of the bathroom through the heat radiation of the heating bulb. However, it is only possible to heat local areas that are radiated, and it is not possible to use the entire bathroom to ask for your safety. The bathroom temperature is not balanced. The warm heating of the Yuba does not meet the comfort requirements of the human body's feet and head cold, and it is easy for the elderly and children and the weak to cause respiratory infections. This is why people who have used Yuba do not feel warm or comfortable.

Ophthalmologists have reminded people that people can choose to use non-glare, infrared frosted light bulbs with less visual damage, and colleagues can protect the skin from irritation and activate blood. When people use Yuba, pay attention to the eyes and do not directly aim at the Yuba light, and minimize the contact with the light board.

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