An appointment of autumn and flowers Bai Hu humidifier BH-1121

Humidifiers not only add humidity to the air, but also make our home more beautiful.

BH-1121 uses a sophisticated design and exquisite ceramic production process. Let Bai Hung ceramic humidifier is not just a humidifier, it can be used as a fine collection. All of these make Baihong Ceramic Humidifier become the most popular product and become one of the hottest products in the season.

In the interior, Bai Hung BH-1121 humidifier, a new patented hidden tank design, can better highlight the Baihong ceramic humidifier exquisite and beautiful appearance. The foggy mouth can be inserted floral decoration, so that Baihun humidifier is not just a humidifier, but also can be used as a beautiful vase to decorate your living room, bedroom, office, conference room. Adding a beautiful landscape to life.

Unique hidden 2 liters large capacity water tank, can work for 8 hours without frequent addition of water. It can save you precious time.

Not only that, BH-1121 also has an adjustable amount of fogging function, at any time to adjust the fog amount of Baihong ceramic humidifier - all in control.

In addition, this humidifier also lacks water protection device, do not have to worry about Baihong ceramic humidifier will continue to work because there is no water, once the lack of water automatically protect you from your troubles.

About Film Overcoated With F46 Copper Flat Wire

Polyimide-F46 combined film wrapped sintered copper flat Magnet Wire insulation wire

This product provides high heat resistance, high cut through, solvent resistance, radiation resistance, cold resistance, freon resistance , etc .

The technical indexes for aluminium core enameled wire comply with enterprise standards extablished in reference to national standards .

 Film Overcoated With F46 Copper Flat Wire

Inner packing: in different wooden bobbin ,

Outer packing:wooden pallet with steel strip or according customers' special requirements  

Film Overcoated With F46 Copper Flat Wire

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