OLED lighting field analysis

White OLED lighting

There are two main methods for realizing white OLEDs for illumination: one is wavelength conversion, which uses blue- emitting OLEDs to excite yellow, orange, red fluorescent or phosphorescent powders to achieve white light. Second, the color mixing method is a method of realizing white light by doping or multi-layering by using two kinds of blue light and orange light to compensate light or three primary colors of red, green and blue.

The theoretical light effect of OLED can reach nearly 200lm/w; the industrial target of OLED in lighting application is 1.000cd/ m2, which is 50~80lm/w ; currently, the luminous efficacy of white OLED products for illumination can reach 60lm Above /w , the color rendering index is around 80 .