Guoxing Optoelectronics completed the registration of industrial and commercial changes

On September 26, Guoxing Optoelectronics announced the completion of the announcement of industrial and commercial change registration. The announcement stated that on September 24, the company obtained the Business License for Enterprise Legal Person issued by Foshan Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The company's registered capital is 430 million yuan. The business scope is manufacturing and sales of optoelectronic semiconductor devices, optoelectronic display devices, LED displays, traffic lights, optoelectronic semiconductor lighting fixtures, semiconductor integrated circuits, optoelectronic modules, electronic tuners, other electronic components, components, information technology equipment products. ; undertake photoelectric display engineering, photoelectric lighting engineering; optoelectronic engineering technology development, consulting, service and project investment; operating the import and export business of raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment, instrumentation, spare parts and related technologies required for production and scientific research.

Nozzle is a key part of the spraying system,Current contact nozzle should have smooth inner wall,the shape,materials and internal details.


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