Paper clip LED light is super cool and modern (Photos)

LED light source generated by David Wicks and Benoit Colette - paper clip light design


Cool paper clip LED light


Cool paper clip LED light


Cool paper clip LED light


Cool paper clip LED light


Cool paper clip LED light

LED Curtain Display

 Led Curtain Display is a creative design and upgrade version of outdoor led display& screens. this Led Strip Curtain series of products have features of light weight, energy-saving, high transparency, fast installation and easy maintenance. With advanced and top level of led diode from LightKing, PrivaLed's outdoor curtain LED displays have low power consumption and high brightness. In this ways, It is very stable and durable during lifetime.



For better understanding Led curtain display main advantages,

High Water-Proof grade applied with IP65 water-proof standard, make your screen working perfectly without problems even in heavy rain.


Light-weight cabinet The cabinet is about 5-8 KG per square meter, 60% less weight compared with traditional tile and have greatly reduce the load bearing pressure of the structures.


High transparency rate   Louver design, make the transparency rate up to 72%, and this design greatly satisfied people`s curiosity to see outside from inside. 





High brightness8000nits for P25, could be used absolutely for outdoor under strong sunshine.


Fast & easy installation No need steel structure,  Solid and simple assemble style, make installation and maintenance quick and easy. It stands firmly even in big wind.




Installation Steps

Installation Steps

 1    Fitting the steel structure: fitting it on the wall firmly


  2    Attach the U-Tile frame to the structure firmly     


3Lock the frame on the structure by screws



4Hanging the upper right hooks of the cabinet to the card slot of the right U-tile Frame.




Buckle the left position pins of the cabinet to the location holes of the left side of the U-tile frame


6 Aim at the screw holes for the front service installation, fitting 6 screws on the U-tile frame through the cabinet from the front.

(This is a procedure of front service, this cabinet support also available for back maintenance)




7 Then finished installation for one cabinet. The same as the next cabinet.

8 Cable Connection.

Connect the male-plug (with cable) of the next cabinet to the female-plug of its upper cabinet firmly.


9 Using the same mode to finish the rest connection (five-pins cable), then the installation work for a complete LED display is finished.



After-sale maintenance

 1 The cabinet support single trip maintenance. If there any bad LED lamp or damage on single strip, you can remove the strip separately without take out the cabinet and control box.

2, Cabinet support front & back installation and maintenance. If there any problem on single cabinet, you can remove the cabinet from the front & back of the screen.



3 ,If there damages on the control box, you need remove the cabinet and open the cover of the power supply box to do repair & exchange work.




Cabinet size:



Package: Wooden case  1 for 10 led strip curtain cabinets.

Package size:



This outdoor LED Strip curtain display series product are widely used for building facade, behind of glass wall, in front of glass wall, led billboard& signs and on top of building.

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Led curtain display Parameter

Model number          

Pixel pitch              

Pixel configuration

Size of block module

Resolution of module


Cabinet material

Size of cabinet(l*h*t)

Weight of cabinet

Driving method

Best viewing angle

Max power consumption


Gray scale

Color temperature

Control method

Driving device

Frame frequency

Refresh frequency


Working voltage

Working temperature

Out-of control point

Brightness Control

IP grade



LED Curtain Display

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