Philips technology OLED lighting technology is in an OK state

Philips Technology hopes to make the OLED thinner, can be processed into four corners, triangles and circles, and has a high degree of freedom. It first attracts designers in the fields of architectural design, industrial design and apparel design, not limited to Lighting use. Denneman of Philips Lighting said that the company's OLED lighting is "technically OK" and has received a small number of orders.

In fact, the Philips-based plant in Aachen, Germany, has installed a production unit consisting of an organic material and a metal material evaporation chamber in series for the production of OLED lighting fixtures. The device is capable of producing OLED panels using a 400 mm x 500 mm glass substrate. Although it has not yet entered the mass production stage, it has been able to buy OLED lighting fixtures on a unit basis from Philips Electronics' homepage. The lighting fixtures provided are divided into 30 types according to the shape and the color of the light (red, green, blue, and white). The company is likely to introduce a larger number of OLED products by the beginning of 2010.

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