Panasonic introduces a new LED fluorescent replacement lamp

Recently, Panasonic has introduced a new LED fluorescent replacement lamp with a luminous flux of up to 6800 lm, a power consumption of 65 W and a luminous efficiency of 104.6 lm/W. Last September, the company launched a similar product with a luminous efficacy of 68.8 lm/W, and the efficacy of these new products has exceeded the luminous efficacy of the company's fluorescent lamps of 85.3 lm/W. Panasonic's latest LED fluorescent replacement luminaires are more than 52% lighter than the company's earlier products. Shipments are expected to begin in August.

T8 replacement products have become popular in the market because many luminaires on the market benefit from LED T8 lamps. Although the product has not yet been released, Panasonic's lamps use T8 tubes. Although the efficacy of the lamps is better than fluorescent lamps, this product cannot solve the problem of simple plug-in upgrade installation. However, lighting designers are working to develop new lighting fixtures and upgrades to find new LED fixtures that are superior to fluorescent lamps.

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