Crossword technology and STREAMUNLIMITED BLUETIGER

Crossword Technology The BlueTIgerTM Connected Optical Drive Platform provides manufacturers with an authentication method based on enhanced audio/video processing optical drive-based products that simplify connectivity and deliver high-quality digital media content for the next generation. Based on the leading analog semiconductor industry's Blackfin® processor, the BlueTIger reference solution includes a ready-to-manufacturability (RFM) hardware platform, a high-quality CD/DVD calibre, and a customizable software. The framework enables manufacturers to significantly improve time to market and reduce development costs when responding to new market opportunities in media convergence.

Platform advantage

Customizable software-based CD and audio processing solutions

By reducing the product line development platform and development and total system cost

Time-to-market cost optimization, off-the-shelf hardware platform manufacturing

Improve the ability to respond to new market opportunities in the media and configuration software framework convergence

Differentiated, digital audio processing algorithms through custom software

A roadmap, low cost new multimedia format, path through the network, and premium digital media transmission content


Connect CD/MP3/WMA athletes

Integrated Receiver - CD / DAB

Home music server and jukebox

Network audio player and client

Multi-room wireless audio system

CD - 100 Reference Design Features

The BlueTIger CD-100 Reference Design is a connected CD/MP3/WMA with support for lossy and lossless audio players. The design combines multiple audio formats, media interfaces, and a separate CD servo decoding software solution for connection options. It allows you to create a single platform of innovative product derivatives through a product line strategy, specifically dealing with premium disc needs and connecting compressed audio players, integrating CD/DAB hub functions with digital audio receivers, CDs and other The system requires the connectivity of the home media server.

CD-ROM playback CD text and CD-ROM support

Philips servo control software includes error recovery for the NdiroTM disc servo system

Support Jet Propulsion Laboratory - 2580 Pallet Loader and JPSL - 33 Slot Loader

Compatible with industry leading CD and DVD optical pickups

MP3 player / WMA / back hand / LPCM audio decoding

MP3 player / WMA / back hand / LPCM audio decoding

Customizable main interface and variable frequency drive

Slave command interface (I2C, SPI or UART)

Custom audio post-processing offers

Crossword problem 5TM sample rate conversion

Crossword Sonic2TM Advanced Linearization Technology

Interface for rapid application development tools for personal computers

Low cost Blackfin processor ADSP - BF531

ADSP - BF532 operating system

VDK analog device

certified documents

BlueTIger CD-100 Reference Design Product Web Tools

CD-100 reference hardware platform and JTAG debugging support for application interface in computer servo control

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