Yu Datai: The development direction of China's new energy vehicles is pure electric and hydrogen fuel.

From January 15th to 17th, the 6th Global New Energy Vehicle Conference and the 1st Global New Energy Vehicle Conference (Guangzhou) Trade Fair were held. Hundreds of industry elites, including electric vehicle manufacturers, battery suppliers, design engineers and industry experts, gathered in Guangzhou to develop a new energy vehicle development status and future technology around the theme of “redefined cars”. In-depth discussion of patterns and ecological directions.

Yu Datai, Chairman of Yixing Electric Vehicle

Yu Datai, chairman of the company's electric vehicle, said in his speech that in 2015 China's new energy vehicle market blowout, there is already a possibility of overtaking, but some products are shoddy, but also bring huge hidden dangers and negative impacts on new energy vehicles. The development direction of China's new energy vehicles should be pure electric and hydrogen fuel electric vehicles. In addition, the weight reduction of the body is very important. The future goal is to achieve a self-weight of about 7 tons for a 12-meter vehicle within three years. Continue to improve the control technology level and the development of intelligent control and vehicle networking technology, flight control and intelligent assisted driving technology.

The following is a speech by Yu Datai, Chairman of the Board of Electric Vehicles of Yixing:

Dear guests, fellow colleagues, good morning everyone! Today, I am very happy to have the opportunity to discuss with my peers how to redefine new energy vehicles. The topic I reported today is that science and technology innovation realizes the dream of China's new energy vehicles and realizes the industry.

I am divided into three small topics to introduce to you: First, the introduction of Shandong Haoxing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. The second is the review in 2015. The third is the future direction of development.

Just now the host said that we are a veteran. It should be a new recruit in the new energy vehicle. The shareholder of Shandong Haoxing is Donghu New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., which has established five manufacturing bases nationwide and established R&D centers overseas and Beijing to fight for 5- Completed the national mission in 10 years and built a leading domestic leading group of new energy vehicles. The central part of the company controlled the Dongfeng Yangtze River in Wuhan and established Donghu Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing.

In 2015, China's new energy auto companies were blown up in the market under the policy dividends, and they entered a period of rapid growth from the development period. There are joys and worries in the middle. I like this year, we see that China's new energy vehicles already have an overtaking possibility, especially in business. Cars, worried that some products are shoddy, bringing huge hidden dangers and negative impacts on new energy vehicles.

Next, I would like to discuss how a new energy vehicle should be defined from a key unit of a car. I think the development direction of China's new energy vehicle industry should be electric vehicles with pure electric and hydrogen fuel. On this basis, there are several technologies to guide. The development of new energy vehicles, including energy, power batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, is a major fuel to replace fuel. The second is the drive unit. The new energy vehicle replaces the engine is the motor system. Everyone knows that the motor is now divided into two categories. The third is the control technology of the drive motor. The control technology includes the control of the drive motor itself, the vehicle control and the intelligent control of the future, the car network through the Internet + and so on. The fourth is the lightweight of the vehicle. In the traditional car, if our weight can be reduced by one ton, we can save about 8% of fuel. This is very important, especially for the power of new energy vehicles to replace energy, the car Light weight is very important.

I just talked about the four core directions. I want to discuss from two technical aspects: The first is the control system. The control system actually controls the motor, because it is the control of the motor, which is equivalent to the engine. For the new energy car. Control is also a vital technology and is a brain. When we develop the control system, we must first look at its core technology. In fact, the real core technology should be its CPU, that is, control the brain. Shandong Haoxing and Donghu Group were very early in the 1990s, before the Beijing University of Science and Technology. The research and development started, and the development of the CPU for the new energy electric vehicle was carried out. At present, the development of the third generation CPU has been completed. The key components in the development process are an important development direction, and the CPU is completely controlled by foreigners. There is no independent intellectual property rights, so this development is crucial. Our CPU's control cycle is from millimeter to micrometer to nanometer decades ago, achieving intermittent, continuous and smooth motor current control curves. You can see from the three figures that the first picture is a graph of current and voltage, which is not continuous. The second-generation CPU is much better. The curve of the third-generation CPU current and voltage is very smooth, which means that our control of the electric car is very comfortable and stable. The problem of low efficiency of the motor is solved, and the problem of high speed and low efficiency of the synchronous motor is solved. In addition, we guarantee the comfort of the electric vehicle in the start-up acceleration, deceleration and smooth control. The development of the new energy vehicle must meet the same comfort as the traditional car. If this is not achieved, the user will not accept it. The overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle have been greatly improved.

It solves the safety of electric vehicles, especially the safety of parking on the slope. The professional term is called zero speed lock. Our car is on the ramp. Without the brakes and the foot brakes, the motor control can make it stop there. When you start up, you only need to step on the accelerator pedal, and you can move forward without the action of backwards. One is the safety performance requirement, the safety is realized, and the second is to realize its comfort.

I talked about control technology. The core of control technology is to fully grasp its independent intellectual property rights from the brain.

The second is lightweight body, the comet electric car is more concerned about the body, our body is all aluminum alloy material, the aircraft riveting manufacturing process, full load-bearing structure, magnesium alloy body development, and Sino-US cooperation, can be in aluminum The weight of the alloy riveted body is reduced by 20%. The development of the carbon fiber body can be reduced by 30-50% based on the weight of the magnesium alloy body. A very significant breakthrough is achieved in terms of lightweight body.

Next, we will introduce the products of the Iridium Shandong car. The products we produce are 6.7 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters, etc., all bus types of 7-14 meters, a total of 21 announcement products.

This year, the vehicle technology level EKG was introduced. What is the energy per kilogram per kilometer? According to this, the government's subsidy index is completed, which is divided into five grades. Under the conditions of 0.25 and more than 250 kilometers of endurance, the current state subsidies are enjoyed. Shandong The 21 models of the comet, all models are below 0.25, the reason for achieving such a high index is because of the comprehensive manifestation of various technologies.

The national test site is tested. The right side is the ultra-low energy consumption of 0.25kwh/km and the one-time cruising range of 608km. In 2015, 1,000 electric buses of 12 meters and 8.3 meters were completed, with a total cruising range of more than 90 million kilometers and more than 400,000 kilometers of bicycles, more than six years.

Our overseas, Hong Kong has been successfully listed three years ago, and five models have passed the test of the EU standard and are running. Macao, Southeast Asian countries, especially Japan, received certain orders last year and officially exported to Japan in February this year.

Iridium Electric Vehicle will adhere to the road of independent research and development and technological innovation, adhere to international cooperation, continuously improve product quality and expand overseas markets, adhere to the positive design, research and development of vehicle lightweight, and comet with electric technology forever. Meet the market challenge.

The focus of the next step will continue to focus on the research and development of lightweight body, including the lightweight development of electric chassis. Our goal is to achieve a self-weight of about 7 tons for a 12-meter vehicle within three years. Continue to improve the control technology level and the development of intelligent control and vehicle networking technology, flight control and intelligent assisted driving technology.

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