Nichia's new flip chip packaging technology breaks through the "Red Sea" competition

Nichia's new Flip Chip packaging technology breaks through the "Red Sea" competition. Nichia's newly developed flip-chip LED technology Direct Mountable Chip has a simple structure in which individual wafers can be directly mounted on a substrate, and has the advantages of miniaturization, high brightness, and high stability. The LED industry has maintained an important technology under the fierce competition. The technology entered the mass production phase in October 2015.

Nichia Chemicals, the director of the law, said that the global LED market is grim, and manufacturers must actively develop new technologies before they can stand in the red tide.

In the competition of major LED manufacturers around the world, the situation in the two areas of backlighting and lighting will continue to be severe in 2016. At this stage, the LED industry, whether it is packaging or performance, is gradually moving toward a higher-order trend. If it is only to imitate the manufacture of existing products, it will be difficult to survive in the market.

However, for the future of the LED industry, Akutagawa is still optimistic. He further said that the LED industry will continue to grow in 2016. In the face of vicious price-cutting competition in the market, the key to the survival of enterprises lies in the development of “technology”. The funds and resources for innovation and research and development, thus mastering many important patented technologies, has also become the company's advantage in the "Red Sea" wave.

It is understood that Nichia has 30% of the world's fluorescent powder and 22% of the global LED market share. In 2015, the automotive application market also had a 20% growth rate. Newly launched direct-installed crystals for LED exterior applications, such as LEDs for daylights or daytime running lights (DRL), are now being used for lighting applications as technology continues to improve, and are expected to be available in 2016. Further expansion to the field of liquid crystal display applications, forecast production will grow three times.

In response to the future of the company's LED, Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd.'s second division of technology chief 坂本考史 added that the company will mass produce UV LED in 2016, and apply to exposure and resin hardening two major areas. In addition, looking at the market opportunities of Laser Diode (LD), the company has already invested this technology in projector applications, and its business growth is 5-10%. It is estimated that by 2020, the growth rate is expected. It reaches 20 to 30%.

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