How to choose an excellent car amplifier?

As a mobile concert hall, car audio has turned lonely travel into a pleasure. Whether it is a car audio enthusiast, facing these metal-filled equipment will be deeply attracted by its unique magnetic. But perhaps for most people, how to buy a satisfactory audio equipment is a problem.

Of course, the introduction of high-power text alone is not able to better understand the power amplifier. High-quality amplifiers must also be able to quickly reflect the peaks of music signals, while being able to respond to powerful subwoofers, and provide smooth output in low distortion/low noise conditions. To meet these requirements, you must have the following:

How to choose an excellent car amplifier?

First of all, it is a power supply with excellent performance.

This is the key to the sound quality of the left and right amplifiers. The power supply unit and the amplifier unit should be separated to reduce noise. The use of a large step-up transformer to increase the supply of stable current, as well as large capacitors, can react more quickly to supply the current required for amplification.

Second, the built-in parameter equalizer.

The car audio is very different from the home audio. The installation position of the speaker is very limited, and the adjustment of the sound is very important. In addition, the sound effects of the car audio system are due to the sound turbulence caused by the sound insulation of the headrest and the window and the installation angle of the woofer. At this time, the parameter equalizer is used, which can compensate the peaks and troughs of the sound waves caused by the above reasons, and adjust the smooth sound field.

Furthermore, it is a built-in crossover.

No matter how good the function of the amplifier itself is, when it is actually installed in the car, it will not be able to achieve the best results due to various audio problems and speaker configuration problems. To overcome this, a frequency divider is used in addition to the parameter equalizer. The built-in crossover has two major benefits: First, the system is expandable and can be freely combined with the amplifier and speakers. Second, the adjustment is simple and easy. This will improve the sound quality of the entire system. The use of an external crossover system is complicated by wiring, and it is easy to mix in noise. It requires a large space during installation and increases the price of the system. Therefore, we do not recommend it when selecting a car amplifier.

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