Huapu Yongming: LED companies should pay attention to "light assets"

[Text / Gaogong LED Xu Chaopeng] "We focus on the accumulation of light assets, not heavy assets. At present, many people in the industry think that street lamps are very good, purely mechanical processing, is this actually true?" Recently, Maple Peng Haiping, director of the Yongming Domestic Design Center, said in an interview.

In terms of the actual situation I have seen, some well-known street lamp companies in southern China have taken a large number of machine equipments in the factory area and become the “capital” that enterprises are proud of.

"Indeed, contrary to the efforts of many road companies to build machine equipment, we will be more willing to invest in soft assets such as manpower. We pay more attention to the entire process from industrial design to manufacturing, not just the machine equipment. Increase." Peng Haiping mentioned.

It is understood that the current Huapu Yongming has invested a lot of manpower in product research. Most of the design teams come from the doctoral teams of well-known domestic universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nanjing University of Zhejiang University. In addition, they have applied for more than 300 domestic and international patents. .

"Investing is always better than investing in machines. The important thing is the construction of the talent team, not the accumulation of equipment. For example, we will set up the Huapu Yongming School." During the conversation, Peng Haiping also took out the mobile phone. The above January training was in full swing. The table is enough to reflect the company's emphasis on this matter.

Chen Kai, the founder of the company, gave up his superior work in 2011 and started to set up Hangzhou Huapu Yongming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., who determined to build the strongest design workshop in the domestic LED street lamp industry. This is also the version that most of us know. .

At present, this "design + manufacturing" business idea has indeed become the domestic street lamp industry, and the business model that Huapu Yongming relies on for fame, but also promotes their rapid growth. To this end, in just two and a half years, Maple Yongming has achieved the second place in the “China LED Street Light Competitiveness Ranking” as assessed by the GGII.

"This year, while the domestic market continues to grow rapidly, foreign trade has also become a fast-growing segment of Huapu. By the end of September, 70 countries around the world have already dealt with us." Peng Haiping mentioned.

It is understood that during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the street lights from the St. Paul International Airport designed and manufactured by Maple Yongming to the 23 mile street in the city center made them "famous in World War I". The politicians, stars and tourists who came to the Sao Paulo Stadium to participate in the opening ceremony of the World Cup must go through this road, and the integrated solution has become the image project of São Paulo. In this regard, the industry has also dubbed it as "the road to light the World Cup", which also laid the reputation and influence of Maple in the global market.

"At present, the LED industry has entered a cruel reshuffle period, but in our innovation mode, the performance has also shown a growth trend. I am thinking that if the model is not innovative, Maple Yongming is just a traditional enterprise, and Because of this kind of innovation, we can stand in such a difficult environment. In the future, we will continue to work in a targeted manner and continue to innovate. Just like what we wrote in our corporate slogan, Maple Yongming will light the road of Yongming! Peng Haiping finally mentioned

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