AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation

The K701 is the most well-known high-end headphone model at the same time as the Sennheiser HD600. Although Sennheiser has updated the HD650 in 2008, it is not necessarily the same as the HD600, but also competes with it. The K701 is still worthy of the flagship model in everyone's mind. In the flagship battle, AKG's update is indeed the slowest. For example, after the release of the HD650, Beyerdynamic has the Tesla series. The AKG K712 is only 2013. In 2014, together with K812, a new generation of products that came late. Of course, there are derivative models such as K702 and Q701.
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
As for the seniority, it seems that K701 should not occupy the price of 2000 yuan, because there are K702, K702 65th commemorative edition and updated K712. But from the sound performance, K701 is not under K702, although the commemorative edition has not been heard, It is speculated that there will be no significant difference. The K701 can drop to the price of around 1,200 yuan [down to 1,000 yuan on special price]. It is extremely valuable. Of course, everyone can't help but worry about whether the latest version of K701 is different from the past. What?
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
Indeed, in the late AKG K701, K702, everyone found that Made in Austria on the nameplate of the headset became Made in China, which is no longer made in Austria. The two K701 headphones in our collection [Soomal lends to friends] One of them is the domestic version purchased at the low price promotion in December 2014. The product number is 11xxxx, and the other one is not the Soomal 2010. We would like to refer to more. K701, borrowed a friend MakiNami, its number is 49xxx, but very coincidentally, the number of Soomal 2010 headphones returned from friends is 48xxx, only less than 200. Both performances are consistent Therefore, today's assessment can explain the difference between a K701 of around 110,000 and a K701 of about 48000.
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
Is there any difference between the two headphones? In fact, we have already briefly mentioned in the annual recommendation, and gave the annual recommendation of the domestic version of the K701 advanced headphones that are currently on sale. But everyone’s heart disease seems to be old, that is, "Chinese production" Insufficient trust. For example, in the map of K701 we released, everyone did not see which one is the old version, which one is the new version. As a result, the various comments are not correct, but they consistently point the "insufficient" to "domestic". Version".
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
In the picture, this ear pad is somewhat yellowed by the old K701 borrowed from the netizen. Because of the aging yellowing of the flannel outside the ear pad for many years, the traces of this kind have also been commented by netizens that this color is more In fact, from the perspective of the entire material, workmanship and even ear pad material and elasticity, the new version and the old version are almost 5 years apart, but there is almost no difference. In the figure, the top of the headphone frame has a section of protrusion. The headband is not the absolute difference between Austrian and domestically produced. In some domestically produced versions of the K701, there is such a protruding design. As for the role of wearing it, it is naturally to increase the stability, in fact, it will increase the comfort in theory. However, some users may not like the feeling of being tightly held. In addition, the trace of the plug release [the same new version is better], the color of the ear pad, etc., are all minor problems. In fact, in the past 10 years, China's production - - Domestically, it is absolutely trustworthy in many fields. The earphone assembly is so low-tech manufacturing that there should be no problem. On the K701, there is really no problem.
Looking at the key points, before the annual recommendation article, we have already taken more than 300 hours for this new K701. The downtime of the headset is very important. The status of a brand new K701 within 100 hours is actually no more than a downtime. K612 Pro is good, this is what we found during this downtime. In the new state, the high frequency and medium high frequency of the headphones will be crowded and the sound will be obviously hard. About 200 hours, the sound will be greatly extended. Come. Due to time constraints, we have more than 300 hours of headsets for today's evaluation.
The evaluation uses a similar sound source platform as the 2010 evaluation, the music state MD11 decoder + HP11 amp, another reference to Lehmann amp, Holo Audio MAMMOTH, etc. Of course, also join Monitor 06 MX, Paw Gold and vivo X5 Max, etc. The source used in the year.
AKG K701 headset [made] evaluation
Overall, the domestic version of the K701 and the old version of the K701 is different from the old version of the K701. Compared with the K702 [No. 28xxx] in our hands, the medium-frequency and medium-high frequency sound density of the domestic version of the K701 is better. The sound performance is more solid, without the old version of K701, K702 and even Q701 showing a moderate frequency, the middle and high frequency is very elegant. In the high-frequency details, the domestic version of K701 also has a good resolution. The very good ultra-high frequency extension. In general, the domestic version of the K701 is more balanced than the previous sound, the intermediate frequency is more solid, the whole sound seems to be "squeezed" from the low frequency to the high frequency to the middle, the sound is more three-dimensional The sound field is slightly contracted, and the feeling of relaxation during a large dynamic is slightly reduced. The middle and high frequency part of the agile feeling is slightly affected.
When paired with different sound sources, the domestic version of the K701 is obviously easier to get a solid and full sound. In the mid-range, mid-low frequency and above frequency bands, under the 06 MX or even X5 Max, it is easier to get a balanced sound. Under 06 MX, In fact, the vocal performance of the old version of K701 is obviously loose. In the K501 period, some people said that AKG's amp is not good, it is because the K501 sound is hard, some are rigid; in the K701 period, everyone said AKG ear It is not good to match, it is because the K701's intermediate frequency is not solid enough, and the sound source amp is quite floating. The domestic version of K701 is a very good balance scheme. Its performance is better than our evaluation of K701, Q701 and K702, added that the K702 in our hands is more like the introverted version of the old version of K701, the intermediate frequency is slightly better, but not as robust as the domestic version of K701.
Of course, the old version of the K701 still gives people a feeling of relative relaxation. If it is not listening to human voices, but some classical music or symphony, the feeling of slack in the middle and low frequency will make people feel that it is slightly better than the domestic version in the details of low frequency. K701, of course, this is mainly in the 06 MX or lower than the 06 MX some sound sources. If the amp is better, the domestic version of the K701's mid-low frequency dynamic advantage will be more obvious. But if with 06 MX, may feel the domestic version The mid-low frequency of the K701 is slightly tighter and lacks details. Of course, if you have been complaining about the low frequency dynamics and details of the K701, I am afraid that it is not an amp problem, but the possibility that the sound source is not advanced enough. This is not MD30 level decoding. Can solve the problem].
Overall, the sound style of the domestic version of the K701 still maintains the AKG's consistent sound style, but it is one of the models or batches that we have evaluated the most balanced sounds in the AKG high-end headphones, the fullest intermediate frequency, and the relatively better dynamics. If your audio system is not powerful enough, for example, without an amp, then with a better sound card or player, the domestic version of the K701 will perform better than the old one. If the music type is concentrated in the vocals, then this The advantage will be very obvious.

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