Calculation of LED unit board specifications and viewing distance of LED display

LED unit board specification calculation method

1. The dot pitch of the LED unit board: the distance between each pixel and another pixel, each pixel can be one led light, two led lights, three led lights;

2. The calculation method of LED unit board length and height: dot pitch × dot number = length / height

For example: P16 length = 16 points × 1.6㎝ = 25.6㎝

Height = 8 points × 1.6㎝ = 12.8㎝

P10 length = 32 points × 1.0㎝ = 32㎝

Height = 16 points × 1.0㎝ = 16㎝

3. The number of LED unit boards used in the LED display screen:

Total area ÷ unit board length ÷ unit board height = number of LED unit boards

Such as: 10 square P16 outdoor monochrome led display using LED unit board number is equal to:

10 square meters ÷ 0.256m ÷ 0.128m = 305.17678≈305

More calculation method of LED unit board:

Number of unit boards for length × number of unit boards for height = total number of LED unit boards

For example: the number of modules used in a P16 monochrome led display with a length of 5 meters and a height of 2 meters:

Long use of LED display unit board number = 5 meters ÷ 0.256 meters = 19.53125 ≈ 20

LED display high use unit board number = 2m ÷ 0.128m = 15.625≈16

The total number of LED unit boards used for LED display = 20 × 16 = 320

Calculation method of viewing distance of LED display

By calculating the viewing distance of the LED display, it is convenient for us to find out the distance of the suitable viewer, and the good viewing angle, the led display can only exert its unique display effect.

Color mixing distance The distance that RGB three colors are mixed into a single color: pixel pitch (mm) × 500/1000

Small viewing distance can display a smooth image distance: pixel pitch (mm) × 1000/1000

Appropriate viewing distance The distance at which the viewer can see a highly clear picture: pixel pitch (mm) × 3000/1000

Far viewing distance: screen height (m) × 30

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