High-end and high-end home appliance technology is ready to upgrade and promote the development of enterprises

Planning interpretation

During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China's household electrical appliance industry has achieved rapid development, and the status of the world's major home appliance manufacturers has become more prominent. In 2010, the household electrical appliance industry achieved a gross industrial output value of 964.2 billion yuan, completed an industrial sales value of 918.4 billion yuan, including an export delivery value of 257.6 billion yuan, which was an increase of 140.2%, 138.4%, and 70.5% from the end of the "10th Five-Year Plan" period.

Although China's home appliance industry has made considerable progress, it has still not fundamentally escaped the extensive and extensive development model. Compared with the world's leading home appliance companies, most home appliance companies in China still have insufficient investment in independent innovation. There are no breakthroughs in core technologies and key technologies. The homogenization of products is relatively prominent, low added value, and high-end products compete with world-class companies. Poorer.

In this regard, the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the home appliance industry clearly stated that the home appliance industry should focus on the development of high value-added high-end home appliances and increase its market share. Among them, refrigerators focus on the development of large-capacity multi-door multi-temperature zone refrigerators, such as air-cooled refrigerators, inverter refrigerators, domestic market refrigerators 250 liters or more high-capacity, multi-door, off and other high-end products such as the proportion of the current 10% increase To 30%; washing machine focus on the development of large-capacity washing machines, frequency conversion washing machines, automatic washing machine proportion increased from the current 52% to 70%; air conditioners focus on the development of energy efficient air conditioners, inverter air conditioners, environmental protection refrigerant air conditioners, stressed The proportion of comfortable high-performance air conditioners and inverter air conditioners has been raised from less than 15% to 50%; small household appliances focus on developing new functions and applying new technologies to meet the needs of consumer upgrades.

At present, China's home appliance industry has accelerated the pace of upgrading, and the development potential of the mid-to-high-end market is huge, and presents new features of diversification and individuation. With the increase of per capita income, demand for high-end consumer goods and services will also usher in a new period of growth. Therefore, the home appliance industry must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading in order to develop. At the same time, household appliance enterprises should increase product development efforts, actively adapt to the changes in domestic consumption structure and demand, and increase investment in technological transformation and technological innovation, forward-looking Technological investment and high-quality technological transformation lead the industry to upgrade, and strive to break through the core technologies and key links that restrict industrial upgrading, and form an innovative product and high-end industry that can support the next growth cycle as soon as possible.

Business case

Little Swan Co., Ltd. "Automatic Delivery" Leads Smart Life

I believe many people will have such doubts when washing clothes: how much suitable for detergent? Put more rinsing times to avoid the detergent residue, put less and worry about the clothes do not wash clean. In fact, the delivery of detergents is an accurate science, closely related to various factors such as clothing weight, washing procedures and ambient temperature. However, it is difficult for consumers to grasp the appropriate “degree”.

At present, with the rapid upgrade of the washing machine industry in our country, the level of product intelligence has received more and more attention. Not long ago, Little Swan launched the iAdd automatic delivery of washing machine products, a comprehensive upgrade of the consumer laundry life, leading the intelligent level of the washing machine industry has reached a new level.

“The introduction of a full range of automatic washing machines by Little Swan will completely subvert the laundry experience of consumers. Following the twin buckets, pulsator wheels and rollers, it will open a new era of clean, healthy, environmentally friendly, simple, and easy-to-use smart laundry. There will only be two patterns in the industry: automatic delivery of washing machines and non-automatic delivery of washing machines.” Chai Xinjian, general manager of Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. told reporters.

In fact, the so-called automatic detergent washing machine, is in the washing process, the washing machine can accurately put liquid detergent and softener according to clothing weight, water volume and ambient temperature, avoiding multiple rinsing, making the laundry more green, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection .

In this regard, Xu Dongsheng, general secretary of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, believes that Little Swan's automatic application of technical achievements will further upgrade the concept of “automatic laundry” and set a new benchmark for the development of washing machine technology, which is of great significance.

"Since the 'home appliances to the countryside', 'replacement of new products' and other countries' fiscal subsidies to stimulate domestic demand have been withdrawn, and demand for white electricity has fallen, many white-water companies have focused their sustained development efforts on the mid- to high-end market. Pulling gradually toward intelligent technology to drive upgrading and transformation. With the saturation of the market and the increase in the purchasing power of some consumers, coupled with the active transformation of the company, the mid- to high-end market will become the future competition and growth point for the white power industry.” New said, "As a leader in the industry, Little Swan should actively tap and lead the potential needs of consumers, use technology upgrades to enhance the 'gold content' of its products, and constantly introduce high-tech value-added innovative products to enhance the quality of consumer life and promote the industry's Smart, low-carbon transformation, opening up a new blue ocean in the home appliance industry, and promoting the leap from 'big consumer electronics' to 'powerful home appliances'."

Expert Reviews

Technology upgrade to promote business development

During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the domestic market will usher in a new round of consumption upgrades and product updates. Enterprises should actively study the changes in demand and buying habits of consumers in different sub-classes, so that product design and marketing strategies can be closer to consumers. Realize the goal of expanding sales. In the international market, on the one hand, by improving product quality and improving product structure, China's home appliance industry has a huge room for improvement in the developed countries' markets; on the other hand, the increased demand brought by the rapid development of emerging economies is also China's home appliance industry exports have brought new opportunities.

Faced with such historical opportunities, accelerating industrial restructuring, deepening transformation and upgrading, upgrading product quality, and accelerating technological upgrading have become the inevitable choices and directions for industrial development. This has also become the main task of China's home appliance industry during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China’s home appliance industry needs to upgrade its products and enrich product varieties. Home appliances focus on high-end products with high added value, while small home appliances should focus on developing new functions and applying new technologies to meet the needs of consumer upgrades. Combining the requirements of technological development capabilities and energy conservation and emission reduction, we will vigorously develop emerging home appliance products with market potential.

Since the beginning of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the trend toward high-end home appliance products has become apparent. This puts forward higher requirements on functions, capacity, energy saving, and environmental protection.

In fact, the driving force behind the upgrading of home appliance products and upgrading of product structure is from technological innovation and upgrading. Therefore, strengthening the construction of technological innovation capabilities and playing a central role in independent innovation capability in enhancing competitiveness will bring about the development of the industry and the enterprise. New energy and opportunities.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the hot spots of industrial technology upgrading are “frequency conversion technology, HCFC replacement technology for air conditioners, heat pump technology, solar energy hybrid energy technology, new material and material substitution technologies, intelligent technologies, and key parts and components technologies”. Enterprises can successfully develop core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in common technologies in these industries, and realize industrialization. They will surely rank among the leading companies. Household appliance enterprises should grasp the historical opportunity of transformation and upgrading, rely on technological research and development, improve product quality and grades, and strive to build a household appliance brand with international influence, and jointly promote the realization of the dream of “home appliance powerhouse”.

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