Can the plasma appear to be repaired?

User question: Hello! I have a question and I want to ask an expert. My plasma TV set has just had a warranty period. The most serious problem is that a black vertical bar appears on the display. It’s not good. After more than half a year, no one came. Later, I went to complain about the official website, and then I came to take the TV away. After a few days, the phone said that the screen was broken, and I exchanged 10,000 yuan. So much money? Besides, I didn’t go to the TV for so much money. I went to complain again. I called the phone and said that I would give it to 1,200 yuan. They don’t necessarily fix it. Can my TV be repaired? (It is a black vertical bar about one inch wide in the middle of the screen.) I hope that an expert can give me an idea to fix the TV, thank you!

The electrical expert replied: Practically speaking, your TV is broken, the cost of changing the screen is too great, it is best to directly eliminate it, and then buy a new plasma color TV, 50-inch ordinary market price Around 6000 yuan;

The Splicing Fitting is primarily used to join kinds of bare conductors and lightning conductors. It bears the same electric load as conductors. Most splicing fittings bear all the tension of conductors, ground wires and lightning conductors. According to the tensile condition, splicing fittings include force-bearing type and non-force-bearing type.

Splicing fittings are generally divided into compression type and preformed type. And the compression type includes hydraulic compression, explosive compression and compression with pliers. Generally, malleable cast iron, steel, and aluminum alloy are used as it's materials. All the ferrous metal should be hot-dip galvanized.

Splicing Fitting

Splicing Fitting

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