Solution for intelligent energy-saving monitoring system for LED lamps

At present, the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” project is being promoted in various pilot cities in an increasingly in-depth manner. Many cities outside the pilot are actively exploring the LED lighting model and seeking advanced solutions to alleviate the reality of their own urban power shortage.

Urban street lighting is an indispensable public facility in people's daily lives. It is understood that the current power consumption of street lighting in China accounts for about 15% of the total electricity consumption. In the face of the tight supply situation, manual control and street lamp inspection have become an indispensable reality, and it is also a costly manpower and material resources. work. The existing traditional power-saving measures are only realized by turning off the lights at night, adjusting the switching time of the street lights, and turning off the landscape lighting when the electricity is tight. The method is simple and has little effect. On the road of the current LED street lights in the country, it is necessary to explore its own LED control system in combination with the characteristics of LED street lights.

It is understood that the current market application of LED drive power management, LED lighting intelligent energy-saving monitoring solutions can be described as rare.

Secondary energy-saving monitoring system with obvious advantages

“For the implementation of intelligent control management for street lamps, tunnel lights, square lamps, industrial lighting, etc., it will save more than 80% of manual inspection costs, so there is a strong market demand in the LED industry. Moso Power Development Solutions It is precisely because of the blank industry needs of this LED industry research and promotion." Mao Shuo Power R & D Director said.

According to reports, Moso Power's solution has several obvious features:

First, energy saving and saving money.

Take the 150W solution LED street lamp as an example; the pole spacing: 30m/pole, double-sided symmetrical lighting, 66 street lights per kilometer; dimming time per day:

Regarding the energy-saving effect of the system, in order to be intuitive, the Maoshuo R&D Department calculated an account for the reporter of the “Ten Cities and Wanhao Reference”:

“Increase in input cost per kilometer (batch): 66盏×90 yuan (power carrier module, concentrator)=5940 yuan;

10 km increase input cost (batch): 660 盏 × 90 yuan (power carrier module, concentrator) = 59,400 yuan;

Annual maintenance service fee per year: 50 yuan;

Electricity savings per kilometer per year: 66盏×0.31×360 days=7467.9 yuan;

10 kilometers per year to save electricity costs: 7467.9 yuan × 10 kilometers = 74679 yuan. ”

Second, the fast maintenance guarantee mechanism service can be implemented.

Because the LED street lamp fault can be diagnosed remotely and quickly, based on the response of local service personnel, the average maintenance time control MTTR is less than 8H, and the municipal street lamp management department actually feels that the LED street lamp works normally every night. "

The third is to protect users' early investment.

The existing system, after adding a power carrier module to the power supply, can be directly upgraded to an intelligent street light control system to avoid repeated investment. And the system adapts to the future energy-saving renovation and upgrading of the street lamp management department, such as the installation of LED street lights, etc., can directly realize the remote control dimming function to avoid secondary transformation. ”

Fourth, the use of DALI protocol communication technology to achieve energy, environmental protection, multi-functional, high reliability and intelligent management.

The solution product is designed around the goal of energy saving, environmental protection, multi-function, high reliability and intelligent management. It also develops the function of “DALI-based lamp work intelligent control”, and innovatively adopts DALI protocol communication technology in traditional power supply. The communication line remotely monitors each LED street light, thereby realizing intelligent management of LED street light switch, dimming, brightness feedback, status inquiry, fault alarm, group control, etc., achieving further power saving and improving LED light use. The purpose of life. From the lighting usage time, the power consumption of the intelligent control LED system is about 3/4 or less of the power consumption of the non-intelligent LED.

Outstanding economic and social benefits

Facing the blank industry and huge market, Su Zhou expects that from the perspective of economic efficiency, after the completion of the project, it is expected that within 3 years (2011~2013), the company will meet the following major economic indicators: 1 million sets of production and sales per year. The accumulated sales revenue will reach 270 million yuan; of which: export earnings of 4 million US dollars; cumulative profits and taxes totaled 67.5 million yuan; of which: tax payment of 16 million yuan, the market potential is huge.

From the perspective of social benefits, it will comprehensively improve the research and development level and innovation capability of LED power supply in Shenzhen and China, and the overall technical performance will reach domestic leading or international advanced level. In supporting the large-scale application of LED lighting, in cooperation with the national “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” and Shenzhen “Thousand Miles of 100,000” projects, within 3 years (2011~2013), Maoshuo Power Supply will provide support for road lighting and other fields at home and abroad. One million sets of intelligent high-reliability high-power LED power supply products indirectly generate revenue of 1.5 billion yuan for the LED industry, and promote and promote the development of the LED industry.

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