Benefited from the listing of Samsung LED TV new models, Taiwan LED industry is expected to recover in January

Industry insiders estimate that with the launch of Samsung TV in the European and American markets at the end of February, Samsung LED manufacturers such as Jingdian (2448), Yuyuan (3061), Yiquan (2486), Dongbei ( 2499) Wait, the January revenue is expected to pick up, LED group 1Q11 has a chance to be off-season.

The relevant person in charge of Taiwan's Samsung Electronics said that with the progress of the supply chain preparation, the Taiwan factory should receive orders in January to confirm that it will get rid of the bottom. In 2010, Samsung's revenue and profit were equivalent to NT$3.9 trillion and 390 billion yuan respectively. Among them, LED TV is one of the most eye-catching products.

In 2011, LED TV entered a period of intense competition, and downstream cost control became more stringent. The LED industry's gross margin may be squeezed, and manufacturers with cost advantages will be the biggest winner.

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