In 2011, the world's top 7 sapphire crystal rod plants plan to expand production by nearly 90%

Since the LED factories in Korea, Taiwan and the mainland have expanded the production capacity of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) equipment since 2009, the demand for global sapphire ingots has increased, and the global sapphire crystal rod factory in 2009 The expansion of production tends to be conservative, resulting in insufficient supply of global sapphire crystal rods in 2010. Take the 2-inch sapphire substrate as an example. The price has been rising from US$7 in the first half of 2009 to around US$30 at the end of 2010. In this context, In the second half of 2010, the world's major sapphire crystal rod factories have expanded.

Due to the insufficient supply of global sapphire crystal rods, the world's major sapphire crystal rod factories have continued to expand, but the expansion of production by various factories is different, and the number of new sapphire crystal rods is increasing, which will lead to global 2011. The production capacity of sapphire crystal rod manufacturers has changed.

From the perspective of global sapphire crystal rod manufacturers' monthly production capacity, the US company Rubicon ranked first in the world in the first half of 2009-2010. However, the Korean factory Sapphire Technology Company (STC) has a relatively fast pace of expansion, which was completed in 2010. In the third quarter, it surpassed Rubicon. The main reason for STC's financial support in the Korean government's support program is that it will accelerate the expansion of sapphire crystal rods in 2011 (inclusive).

Although the global manufacturers of sapphire crystal rods have different production speeds in 2011, STC is expected to leapfrog the global sapphire crystal rod leader, which will cause Rubicon and Russia's Monocrystal to retreat to the second and respectively. Third, and because Taiwanese factory Yuefeng actively expands production, it is expected to jump to the fourth position in the world by the end of 2011. Therefore, the Japanese factory Kyocera and Namiki Precision Jewel (hereinafter referred to as Umaki) will be retreated respectively. To the 5th and 6th; in 2011, the Korean factory Astek is also expected to rank seventh, and its influence in the global sapphire crystal rod market will rise.

In 2011, due to the increase in the number of new sapphire crystal rods in Korea and the mainland, it is predicted that the global combined monthly production capacity of the US, Russia and Japan in the end of 2011 will fall by 6.7% compared with the end of 2010; in comparison, Because Hankang STC is expected to rank the highest in the global ingot plant capacity, and another Korean plant Astek's capacity share in 2011 is expected to rise to 5.3%. Considering that there are still Hansol LCD, LG Siltron and other operators in Korea since 2010 Since the beginning of the sapphire crystal rod business, it is expected that the status of the Korean factory in the global ingot industry will continue to rise in 2011.

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