The difference between cold light source and heat source

Cold light source: A cold light source is a light source (firefly, neon, LED, etc.) that is excited by chemical energy, electrical energy, or biological energy. Has a very good optical, flashing characteristics. When an object emits light, its temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature. This kind of illumination is called a cold light source. For example, an LED uses a combination of electron-hole pairs to emit light. Strictly speaking, LED light-emitting diodes are electroluminescence and heat generation, but they are lower than light sources such as incandescent lamps. The LED electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 30%, of which the internal quantum efficiency is about 70% (close to the theoretical limit), and the external quantum efficiency is about 50%. (This is just experimental data, not an exact value)

Thermal light source: A light source that is excited by thermal energy, such as an incandescent lamp that emits heat at a temperature of 3,000-4,000 K. Incandescent lamps have 80-90% energy conversion energy, and about 10% energy is converted into light energy. Therefore, the luminous efficiency is low. We are not defined as a cold light source or a thermal light source depending on the temperature of the lamp housing.

Christmas light

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