Hisense Electric LED high-end industrial layout enhances competitiveness

On the 13th, Liu Hongxin, the general manager of Hisense Electric (600060), said at the scene of the typical experience of “transfer mode adjustment structure”: “Hisense Electric advanced the high-end products and market, and took the lead in industrial restructuring, thereby expanding market share and enhancing the company. Core competitiveness."

According to the statistics of Zhongyikang, in June of this year, LED LCD TVs accounted for 12.0% of the total LCD TV sales, 22.3% of sales, and sales increased by 18 times compared with the same period of last year. The China Electronics Chamber of Commerce released this year from January to June. "China's flat-panel TV city consumer demand survey report" shows that LED TV sales in large and medium-sized cities has reached 30%. It is expected that the popularity of LED will be further accelerated in the second half of this year.

Hisense has increased its research and development efforts in the field of high-end LED flat panel TVs this year. In March 2010, the focus was on the blue-light series LED LCD TV with LED backlight, network multimedia and 3D stereo display. In the international market, in March, Hisense 3D-LED LCD TV first landed in the African market; before the World Cup, Hisense was the first to release 3D-LED LCD TV in the African market, and set off in the form of dozens of 3D outdoor big-name advertisements during the World Cup. Hisense "3D hurricane".

At present, Hisense's "three screens in one" function of Lanqing LED TV has realized video chat between TV and TV and computer, and can make calls by TV. In the second half of the year, Hisense will also launch a new intelligent “triple play” TV terminal product.

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