China, South Korea and Japan contend OLED who can seize the OLED TV opportunities

"It's not that I don't accept the old, it's the world changing fast." LED LCD TV has just been popularized in the market, OLED has been identified as the next generation of new flat panel display mainstream technology. The Chinese home appliance industry, which is struggling to chase technology, seems to have seized the perfect opportunity. By leveraging the LED to the OLED transformation machine, it has mastered the "screen" technology and broke through Japan and South Korea to get a big cake and even control when the OLED TV arrives. Market and industry development voice.

However, for China's home appliance industry, which has been following Japan and South Korea in product development, innovation and breakthrough are not easy. The "screen" defect also makes Chinese home appliance companies in crisis on the road of high-cost investment in OLED layout.

Korea and Japan contend OLED

OLED TV has long been optimistic about the power giants by virtue of its own materials.

In the field of OLED TVs, Sony, one of the earliest manufacturers involved in the OLED industry, has previously introduced a number of small-size OLED display devices. In 2007, it launched the world's first 11-inch OLED TVs, which was too expensive and caused slow sales. Can achieve the desired results, and Sony has not found a solution to reduce costs. Affected by this, Sony announced at the end of March this year to stop the production and sales of OLED TV in the Japanese market.

Compared with Sony's low-key exit, Samsung's high-profile debut is more eye-catching.

Looking at the layout of OLEDs by Korean companies, they disapprove of Sony's experience in OLEDs. In their view, experience seems to be enough for them to cope with the arrival of OLEDs.

Recently, Samsung made it clear that it will invest 1.3 billion US dollars to build the 5.5th generation OLED panel factory, and said that the panel factory will be put into operation in January 2011, which will launch an impact on OLED TV. Samsung's SMD company has the world's largest OLED panel production line. Samsung has been promoting the popularity of OLED screens on smartphones and portable multimedia devices. Currently, OLED panel products have been monopolized by Samsung, and its market share has reached 98%.

OLED TV "short"

In the energy-saving, colorful, no smear, no visual angle and many other auras, OLED TVs, which have been highly anticipated by all parties, have been plagued by their large investment and low output.

It is understood that the OLED luminescent material has very poor anti-oxidation ability after being energized, and it needs vacuum glass to seal, which regains the old path of TFT-LCD. Since the OLED is a current type device, a relatively high current drive is required, so an LTPS TFT substrate is required. LTPS is destined to cost the OLED high. It is reported that the current production rate of large-size OLED panels is less than 30%, resulting in high manufacturing costs, while LCD panels can reach more than 99%. The pixel distribution of the OLED is not high, so the OLED is suitable for a slightly larger size, but the size is too large, and the cost advantage is even worse.

From this point of view, the development of OLED TV has indeed encountered a bottleneck.

During this period, many brands represented by Sony opt out, except for the fact that after the products are slow-moving, it is technically difficult to achieve breakthroughs and should be valued by the industry.

Just when OLED TV is in the bottleneck stage of development and cannot break through innovation, LED TV has stepped through its drawbacks in research and development, and its products are more mature, recognized by consumers, and market share is growing. .

When Japanese companies opt out and Korean companies make high-profile appearances, Chinese TV companies are eager to pursue OLED TVs.

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