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Founded in 2007, topco energy saving system corp. (TESS) has announced a partnership with LED chip supplier Cree to launch a series of affordable LED lighting fixtures in Taiwan, including 12W ultra-high brightness LED bulbs, 12W. Dimmable light bulb, 9W color temperature bulb, 12W PL lamp, and 10W (2å‘Ž) and 20W (4å‘Ž) LED tubes. These LED lamps have a service life of more than 10,000 hours. The 12W BB lamp for office use Cree MX6 chip can replace the current 27W CFL lamp. After the third quarter of this year, the price can drop below NT$300.

This means that the LED lamp has reached the exact same cost/performance ratio as the CFL lamp. Cai Wengui, chairman of Chongyue Energy, said. Last year, Chongfu introduced LED lights of NT$349. The current 27W CFL BB lamp is priced at about NT$100. After the price of the 12W LED BB lamp announced in August this year, consumers will see new LEDs with price points falling below NT$300. Lighting.

The power to determine the large-scale entry into the consumer market comes from the huge negative impact of incandescent and energy-saving light bulbs on global energy consumption and environmental pollution. Cai Wengui pointed out that the current threat of replacing mercury bulbs with CFL energy-saving bulbs hides the threat of mercury pollution. According to EnergyStar, each CFL energy-saving bulb contains an average of 4 mg of mercury. Mercury, commonly known as mercury, is a toxic heavy metal. If it penetrates into the environment, it may be absorbed by the body and accumulated in the body. It will cause serious damage to the nerve center and human health.

Although the EU regulates the standard value of mercury in each energy-saving bulb to be less than six milligrams, many commercially available energy-saving bulbs contain much higher amounts of mercury. In particular, a complete waste bulb recovery mechanism has not been established at this stage, when the bulb is discarded or broken. After that, the contained mercury is easily dissolved in the air or soil. Therefore, with the improvement of luminous efficiency and the significant decrease in cost, LEDs that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly have become the highlights of the lighting industry.

The series of LED lights launched by Chongyue are all using Cree's LED chips. Cai Wengui said that Cree has more than 900 complete LED technology patents, which can avoid many patent problems when expanding the international market. In addition, Cree LED chips are resistant to high temperatures, high brightness, and long life, providing critical support for Chong Yue Energy, which wants to enter the consumer lighting market.

Cree now offers 160lm LED chips per watt. According to Li Shiyi, managing director of Cree Hong Kong, the company has completed 190lm of product development per watt in the lab.

Chongyue Energy was established in 2007. In the past few years, the company has focused on the Japanese consumer market, accounting for more than 90% of its revenue sources. Cai Wengui said that the rush to replace the LED lights in Japan is unfolding in Japan, not just public lighting. In the home market, LED lights also show great potential for development.

Japan is currently the fastest region to switch to LED lighting. According to the director of the LEDinside Green Energy Business Unit of the market, Yu Chao pointed out that in 2010, the shipment of LED lights in Japan is expected to reach 15 million to 20 million. Through cooperation with major distributors, we have achieved an 11% market share in the Japanese LED lighting market, which is expected to reach 20% by the end of the year, Cai Wengui said.

Cai Wengui said that Chongyue Energy's monthly shipments in July 2010 have reached 100,000 per month. In order to catch up with the explosive growth of the Japanese market with a monthly shipment of 2 million at the end of this year, we are increasing our monthly production capacity, which is expected to increase to more than 400,000 per month by the end of the year.

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