Analyze the three best application areas for 3D printing drones

As we all know, 3D printing drones are not a particularly new thing. However, with the rapid development of 3D printing technology and the whimsy of various designers, there are more and more types of 3D printing drones, and the fields involved are becoming wider and wider. Today, let's take a look at the various 3D printing drones with Xiaobian.

Three best application areas for 3D printing drones

Create history: 711 and Flirtey jointly create a drone delivery method

Previously, Flirtey used their 3D printing drones to deliver to the city, and sent emergency food to the Nevada region. Now, Flirtey once again creates history, delivering a pack of snacks filled with chicken sandwiches, donuts, coffee, and candy boxes directly to customers.

Three best application areas for 3D printing drones

SlidX promoted the medical rescue 3D printing drone KAYRYS.

Many people think that the use of drones is just entertainment, but now drones have proven their use more and more. Whether it is to replace the manual for the delivery of goods, or as a transportation equipment for the disaster area, the drone has gradually received more and more attention. The birth of KAYRYS plays an important role in post-disaster recovery, and it also provides medical rescue and material transportation for some inconvenient places.

Three best application areas for 3D printing drones

Amazon uses 3D printing technology to manufacture transport express drones

If you are concerned about 3D printing online, I believe that it is not the first time I heard the news of drone delivery. This time, Amazon started developing high-tech drones for future cargo transportation, but it was the first time for the company. The project was named "Prime Air" and the evaluation of the project was mixed. However, Amazon has always regarded this project as an important part of future e-commerce logistics.

The above three are more valuable areas in the application of 3D printing drones. In addition, the field of application of 3D printing drones is still very wide. Whether it is to deliver food or to deliver materials to the disaster areas, these are all brought to the convenience of human beings through the development of science and technology. Therefore, Xiao Bian believes that in the development of high-tech technologies such as 3D printing, the future of human life will be more intelligent and efficient.

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