The country may cancel the lighting engineering qualification threshold and promote healthy competition in the engineering market.

For a long time, the lighting engineering qualification threshold has brought a lot of restrictions to the LED engineering lighting market. There are policy obstacles to the “benign competition” of the national municipal lighting engineering market and the introduction of more high-quality engineering enterprises to accelerate the survival of the fittest in the industry.

Earlier this year, the State Council decided to cancel 47 professional qualifications and recognitions. Among them, the cancellation of the technical qualification certification of "lighting designer, neon light producer", in the lighting industry, can be described as a thousand waves

Recently, the Market Supervision Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a letter on November 24, 2016 to solicit opinions on the cancellation of eight special qualifications for engineering design. The eight engineering design projects include: architectural decoration engineering, building intelligent system, building curtain wall engineering, Light steel structure engineering, lighting engineering, fire protection facilities engineering, landscape architecture engineering and environmental engineering.

Some insiders predict that according to the current market price, the construction company will maintain the cost of corporate and personal qualifications between 1 million and 2 million per year. If the opinions are implemented, the total burden of construction enterprises will exceed 10 billion.

The insiders are also aware that there are many "hidden rules" behind the project bidding: due to the many aspects of engineering design, lighting lighting companies must face government officials, architectural designers, and engineering in order to win a project. All aspects of construction and interior design, so it is necessary to take care of the relationship between the layers when bidding.

This will inevitably lead to projects in which officials have extensively promoted the loss of labor and wealth for their personal achievements. Some people conduct table transactions in order to collect money. As a result, whether it is government procurement or engineering project construction projects, the collusion between government and business, through the arbitrary manipulation of bidding, resulting in false tendering, stringing and other corruption.

A person in charge of LED enterprise sales said that if they can receive a government project, then one year's sales will be safe and worry-free. Government projects often have a small amount of funds, at least a million or more. About 10,000.

Another person in charge of the company that requested anonymity revealed that he relied on personal connections to open up sales channels, and the real estate project in a certain place was succeeded by circle, and he won the bid without bidding. However, the biggest risk of doing engineering projects is the issue of payment. Although the project is still waiting for the government to accept the completion of the project, if the project and the local government do not have a good relationship, the project is likely to die, then the payment will be in jeopardy.

The engineering channel has relatively high requirements on the strength of the enterprise, including the necessary qualifications for the enterprise itself, such as “project cases of major projects, test reports issued by national testing institutions, and qualifications for product certification”.

It can be seen that if enterprises develop well in the industry, they must first have a “good relationship”. A strong relationship can often make the development of the enterprise “improving the icing on the cake”. Engineering projects are like a complex network of layers, often a place to breed shady.

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