What is the spectral parameter of the LED plant lamp?

1, the application of light classification

Visual application: applied to illumination, the physical unit is the main parameter of the luminous flux obtained by weighting the spectral radiation power by the visual effect function of the average human eye.

Non-visual applications: applications such as animal, plant, medical, microbiological, identification, data transfer, etc. The physical unit is the radiated power or the quantum number of light.

2, the energy of the photon

LED luminescence is a phenomenon of energy conversion. When electrons and holes recombine, excess energy will illuminate and produce photons. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy of photons. The photons are the smallest unit in the process of light transfer energy, which is absorbed by plant photosynthesis. It is this kind of photon with energy. The photosynthesis is driven by the photon energy packet instead of the general light energy. This is why plant photosynthesis requires photons to be expressed.

What is the spectral parameter of the LED plant lamp?

The energy ratio of the energy of a single photon at a wavelength of 400 nm to a wavelength of 700 nm is 1.75, that is, the blue light is 1.75 times larger than the red light energy.

What is the spectral parameter of the LED plant lamp?

Figure: At the same radiant power, the number of photons produced increases with increasing wavelength.

Photosynthesis is produced by photon flux. It is a process in which photons carrying energy decompose CO2 and H2O under the action of enzymes to produce new molecules. However, not all photons absorbed by plants produce the same photosynthesis, which requires energy transfer. From the perspective of photosynthesis, use "light meals" to understand the relationship between photons and plants.

The number of photons of photosynthetically active radiation is measured in two units: photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700 nm, and secondly the resulting photon flux (YPF), which can be determined by the photosynthetic response of the plant. Wavelength range.

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