OSRAM merges intelligent lighting business with digital lighting division

OSRAM decided to merge its intelligent lighting business (LIGHTFY) with the digital lighting business unit (DIGITAL SYSTEM) to combine the advantages of both parties to create brilliant results. This move is bound to create synergies and promote the growth of OSRAM in the world.

Whether it's for home or for commercial buildings, LIGHTFY is showing us the future of wireless lighting. With a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, different personalized moods can be expressed through colorful lights. LIGHTFY PRO is the world's first professional lighting system that can be set up and controlled with mobile applications.

LIGHTFY represents the creation, entertainment, and intelligent energy-efficient lighting management, and represents success. LIGHTFY was founded in 2013 and generates annual sales of 20 million Euros. In a large event like the European Singing Contest, LIGHTFY's intelligent lighting has become a symbol of OSRAM's innovation.

"To continue to write a successful chapter"

Over the past two years, LIGHTFY's team has built a solid business foundation. “It's time to enter the global rapid growth phase through internal collaboration,” said Timon Rupp, founder and head of LIGHTFY's Innovation R&D department. The merger with DS will create the right conditions for this competition. LIGHTFY has worked closely with other business units in the past to successfully complete the deployment of wireless lighting networks. This merger with DS combines the advantages of both parties to make both parties stronger together. “After becoming an early investor in LIGHTFY, I am currently waiting for it. I warmly welcome the LIGHTFY team to join DS and continue to write a successful chapter together,” said DS CEO Geert van der Meer.

The board will always pay attention to the merger process

LIGHTFY has a streamlined organizational structure and a flexible and entrepreneurial way of working. While retaining these features, it will also play a synergistic role with the business unit. The wireless lighting network is the focus of OSRAM's digital strategy. Therefore, the OSRAM Board of Directors will pay close attention to the merger process. “I want to thank the LIGHTFY team for their outstanding performance and hard work over the years,” said Dr. Stefan Kampmann, Chief Technology Officer. “Whether in the merger process or after the merger, I will continue to serve as a personal tutor. guide."

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