Talking about the Application of Landscape Lighting in City Square

With the increasing enrichment of urban night life, people's activities outside the home are gradually increasing, and higher quality requirements are imposed on the outdoor night environment. Night lighting plays an active and indispensable role in improving the lives of citizens, landscaping the city, increasing the visibility of the city, optimizing the living environment of the citizens, and promoting the development of tourism and transportation industries. Landscape lighting design is one of the important ways to shape the image of the night in the city square. It is also a form of artistic creation. It requires the use of artistic thinking, scientific methods and modern technology to establish reasonable lighting and layout according to the characteristics of each landscape. The plan also uses artistic lighting techniques to continuously improve and perfect, creating a beautiful and beautiful night scene.

1. Characteristics and Significance of Landscape Lighting Design in Urban Squares
1.1 Characteristics of urban square landscape lighting design City square is the most public and artistic charm in urban space environment, and is also the open space that best reflects the modern urban civilization and atmosphere. It plays the “living room” in the city. The role. The functional properties of city squares are different. According to their different nature, they can be divided into municipal squares, memorial squares, transportation squares, commercial squares, leisure and entertainment squares, etc. In the activities of urban squares, the requirements for light environment should be consistent. of. The night landscape design is based on different design features, through plants, water, sculpture, landscape, monumental buildings and structures, using lighting to create a perfect plaza environment, increasing the artistic expression and appeal of the square space.

The landscape lighting design of the city square is to use the looming, false and real, static and dynamic changes of the light source. With the light source and its own characteristics, the composition, order and rhythm of the light are established, making the night space environment of the city square colorful. Full of the times. "Light itself cannot make light, and there must be dark existence light to become light, and show nobleness and strength" [1]. It needs to be clear that landscape lighting is not simply illuminated. Lighting technical indicators are standardized and designed on the basis of fully considering human visual characteristics, preferences, environmental behaviors, etc., and are constantly being based on human and environmental needs. And make adjustments and improvements. The reason why the night scene is presented separately from the landscape is because the night scene is not a simple reproduction of the daytime landscape. It needs to be shaped twice. On the basis of the daytime characteristics of the space, there is no correlation between them through various methods. Forms are recombined to form a visual focus that effectively controls or avoids light pollution for a comfortable and pleasant nighttime environment.

1.2 city square landscape lighting design sense <br>
beautiful night lights are characteristic of urban modernization and an important symbol of urban prosperity. The development of the city's night landscape is one of the "hardware" conditions that showcase the city's characteristics, promote the prosperity of the city's economy and urban tourism, and move toward an international city. Night lighting design is a special requirement of environmental art, which means that any other environmental design form can not be replaced. Its function is to recreate the artistic style of a square at night, showing its extraordinary artistic charm that is completely different from the daytime. In the lighting design of the city square, the lighting method is closely combined with the square design and composition technique, and is integrated into various artistic environment spaces, which not only satisfies the function of use, but also has certain aesthetics. Therefore, the relationship between lighting and square design has become the content of creating light art, and has become an expression of aesthetic significance, so that the light has entered the hall of art from the simple practicality.

2. Urban square landscape lighting design and application
2.1 The principle of the use of landscape lighting design in urban squares According to the interpretation of the level of human needs by the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, the behavior of people in the square is summarized into physiological needs, security needs, and communication needs. And the four levels of demand for self-worth needs. In the urban square landscape lighting design, the most fundamental is the humanization idea, because the physiological needs, security needs and social needs of people in the night space life depend on the lighting, so the process of square landscape lighting planning should also be based on The "people-oriented" principle organizes the lighting of the night space environment to realize the landscape of the square lighting. The modern urban plaza space is one of the main activities of urban residents at night. In addition to meeting the basic night activities and decorative lighting, the lighting design scheme implemented in this space should also take into account the work and rest of people in the plaza landscape lighting. The interference caused. The design of the night view of the square should be based on the physiological and psychological needs of the people. The light source and light color suitable for the square landscape should be selected to determine the reasonable amount of light and illumination, which can fully demonstrate the nighttime viewing of the city square and the interaction of urban residents. No excessive night lighting is designed to meet the effects of decorative lighting.

Therefore, the identifiability, comfort, psychological satisfaction, and support for the activity of the square lighting should be the evaluation indicators for the design of the square lighting. In terms of environmental performance, the physical and psychological feelings of the subject should be used as the starting point and evaluation criteria, and the night scene environment of the square landscape environment elements should be selectively re-created with light.

In the planning and design of the urban square landscape, it is necessary to fully consider the influence and restriction of the lighting of the remaining space in the city on the landscape lighting of the square, so that the night lighting design of the city square can not only reflect the city characteristics and attributes, but also the city. The illumination in the rest of the space together forms a whole. In the urban landscape system, the accumulation of culture and the existence of material form are the whole continuum of the landscape, that is, the organic part of the historical context of the city, which requires the square landscape lighting design to respond to it, while the modern square landscape lighting In the design, we should pay attention to the combination of the cultural attributes of the original city square scenic spot, fully respect the local historical context, humanistic customs, and appropriate avoidance of the historical environment, reflecting the historical context of the city.